Newsletter for July 23rd


Hello once again. Here’s the newsletter for this week.

This Sunday, the Rev. Susanna Southard gave the first of two lessons on ‘Apocryphal Narratives’ . This week was about Apocryphal writings on Daniel that are not contained the the Book of Daniel. She will continue with other examples on the 30th.

Have a great week and we’ll see you next Sunday.

Dan B.

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Our speaker July 23 & 30

As Dan highlighted in the Newsletter Susanna Weslie Southard has taught our class numerous times since she joined the staff at Phillips Theological Seminary in 2007. She has a vast range of responsibilities at Phillips which is why she has 3 titles listed in the newsletter. I want to let you know more about Susanne who the Dean often refers to her as a mystagogue. Before moving to Tulsa, Susanna spent most of her life in Overland Park, Kansas. Her grandfather was a Methodist minister and her father was a Methodist Minister. When Susanna was in 1st grade, her father left the ministry to become a computer programmer. Years later, her mother was ordained. It is clear that Susanna has keen intellectual pursuits from an early age. In grade school her goal was to become the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. At a 9th grade jurisdictional youth camp, she was called to ministry. Her response was to enter into an agreement with God. If she could study law first, then she would attend seminary. She was a pre-law student at Washington University in St. Louis and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Keeping her bargain, she then went straight to Perkins School of Theology at SMU. She is an ordained elder in the Great Plains Conference (previously the Kansas East Conference). After serving in 5 churches over 11 years, her intellectual pursuits kept calling and she returned to graduate work in Hebrew Bible at Vanderbilt University. She has been a true blessing for Phillips Seminary and keeps a very open door to all students. Her Dean calls her a mystagogue because she is the one that ushers new students into the mysteries of seminary. Also, she has published numerous articles and book reviews too numerous to list.

Clearly, Susanna has a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience. Her topic for the next 2 weeks is Apocryphal Narratives which is a very timing considering today’s news, etc.!

I hope to see you Sunday. The Carpenters and Brenda Worthington will delicious food for you as well!


p.s. Please go see BABA or be shamed.

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Maranatha Newsletter for July 16th


Greetings. Here is the newsletter for Sunday, July 16th.

Our speaker on Sunday was Caroline Holmes to spoke to us on your Christian faith as it relates to the environment and sustainability.

Next week our lesson will be given by the Rev. Susanna Southard of Phillips Theological Seminary.

Thanks to Scott for doing the newsletter for last week.


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Maranatha Class Newsletter July 9

Attached is this week’s Newsletter. Have a good week and remember….even at our age, sunscreen is still important. 😎


Think Deeply, Grow Spiritually, Love Generously

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Change in speaker for July 9!

Carolyn Holmes and Mark Darrah have switched places for our next 2 speakers.

This coming Sunday, it will be Mark Darrah. Many of you know Mark although he hasn’t spoken in our class since the days we met in the dungeon of the church. Mark writes prize-winning essays, radio commentaries, and literary and genre fiction. From time to time, NPR broadcasts his insights on Studio Tulsa. He is author of A Catalogue of Common People, a collection of personal essays and commentaries.

His father was a Methodist minister. Mark was on the Board of the United Methodist Children’s home for 7 years and he spent 10 years on the board of Restore Hope Ministries. And guess what….he is an attorney.

He is going to share collections from The Tales of the Hasidim collected by Martin Buber, the noted Jewish theologian.



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Maranatha Newsletter for July 2nd


I’m sending this out on July 4th, so I hope that you’re having a great Independence Day!

Attached is the newsletter for last Sunday. Captain Ken Chapman of the Salvation Army was our speaker and he gave an enthusiastic lesson about what the Salvation Army does and the certainty that he feels about being called to this ministry.

If you are thinking about attending BABA, Judith Payton will have more information next Sunday about our class social to that event.

Next week our speaker will be Caroline Holmes.

Have a great week,

Dan Blevins

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