Request for Prayers

I received this message from Pam Sherman and she asked me to pass it along to the class –

We need prayers for my grandson and his dad.

Monday, Logan (who is 16), went to check on his dad Randy and found him delirious; it was obvious he was in a great deal of distress, so Logan called 911 and Randy is currently in ICU at Hillcrest while they try and figure out what is wrong with him. They know he has pneumonia, but until they get it under control they won’t be able to figure out what else is going on.

They don’t need anything except our prayers. Thanks, Pam

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Lisa Tallent Surgery

Lisa requested that I let you know that she is out of surgery and in recovery. She will be in room 103 at St John’s. The surgeon did find a small tumor but visually he didn’t see evidence that it has spread. They have sent everything for pathology and will have those results next week. Lisa will remain in the hospital tonight.

During our recent social, she told us that she will not watch the OSU/Tulsa game tonight because she is way too physically emotional during games. Therefore, let’s all pray for Lisa’s quick recovery with no further complications and a victory for the Cowboys! I know we have TU supporters, but there will be plenty of other games for them to win.


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Maranatha Newsletter for Aug 27th

Hello Classmates!

Attached is the newsletter for last Sunday. Keith McArtor continued his lesson on the stories of creation.
Next Sunday will be our Brunch.

Have a great rest of the week.

Dan B.

MNews 8-27-2017.docx

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Update on Julie Allen

I have been ask to provide you an update on Julie Allen. On Sunday morning, Julie fell and dislocated her right shoulder. She was taken to the emergency room and they were able to put it back in place. Julie is home and recovering. She is experiencing numbness in her right hand which is not uncommon in these situations. Jeff says that between family and neighbors their needs are well met.

Please pray that Julie experiences a speedy recovery.


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Maranatha Newsletter for 20th of Aug


A good day to you. Here is the newsletter for this week.

Rev. Keith McArtor gave his first of two lessons on looking at the ways that we can interpret stories in the Hebrew Scriptures. He will continue on that theme next week.

We will need to start class at 9:45am once again. Please plan on the lesson starting at that time.

Have a great week,

Dan B.

MNews 8-20-2017.docx

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Maranatha Class donations

Dave Grim wants to share with you that the list of donations approved earlier in the year have all been paid unless they are gifts per meals served (Day Center & Redemption Ministries) or reimbursable expenses for our Exodus House apartment. The list is attached and totals $15,115. The Finance Committee determined that $17,000 would be given away this year so there is a balance left of $1,885. There are enough requests received to spend this amount and the Finance Committee will meet in the near future to decide which items will be presented to the class for approval. If you have any questions please contact Dave Grim.

Since giving comes natural for us, we are blessed to have a committee that makes the selections from all the good requests; there are no bad requests. We get to sit back and glow that our giving touches people we will never meet.


2017 Maranatha Donations status August 21.xlsx

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Maranatha Gentle Reminder

Just a quick reminder that our speaker will need to start early tomorrow.We plan on letting him begin at 9:45, so please adjust your normal coffee and donuts schedule accordingly.

Dan B.

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Early Start Next Sunday!

Please forgive me. I forgot to mention in the newsletter that our speaker will need to get back to his church next Sunday morning. So, we are going to start our lesson promptly at 9:45 am. Please plan for an early start.

Dan B.

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Newsletter for Aug. 13th

Good day Maranatha.

Attached is your newsletter for Sunday, August 13th.
The Rev. Jeff Jaynes was back this week and spoke to us about the face of homelessness and some of the strategies for combating it.

Rev. Keith McArtor will be giving our lesson for the next two Sundays.

Have a great week!

Dan B.

MNews 8-13-2017.docx

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Mary Staat’s mother passed away

Mary Staat’s mother Oleta Cheek passed away at the Oklahoma Methodist Manor. Her funeral will be held at 2:00 p.m. Thursday August 10 at Christ United Methodist Church. Caranatha has been in contact with Mary and there is no need for volunteers at this time.


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