2018 Officers/Committees

Greetings! We need someone to step forward to be our Newsletter Editor for 2018. This is a key role in keeping us connected during the year. It would be wonderful if one of you (or 2 so there is always a backup) would hear this calling and let me know. That would mean we would have members for every role. Oh yes, I should tell you that Rick Evans and Roger Rowe have step forward to share the President role next year. Isn’t that wonderful! These men appear to be as busy serving in roles that don’t pay as they were when they earned money. Our class is blessed to have such talent to lead us.

Below is our line up so far. You can still volunteer for a committee.

President: Rick Evans and Roger Rowe

Newsletter Editor: (OPEN)

VP Curriculum: Karen Campbell

VP Missions: Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison will Co-Chair.

Sharon Chucowski and Pam Sherman.

Social: Scott Morgan, Ken Privett, Dave & Melanie Shepherd and Pam Sherman.

Caranatha: Allene & Rex Donley, Sharon Earley, Debra Morgan.

VP Finance: Kendall Carpenter – Chair.

Gabriele Blankenship, Bruce Chucoski, Dave Grim, Jim McCann

Auction: Scott Gardner and Jim McCann

Attendance takers: Dana Solomon, Lisa & Denzil Tallent

Refreshments: Becky Morris

Reporter: Kendall Carpenter

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

See you Sunday. Janet Purinton is teaching!


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