From Joel Panciera

Note that the recording for the conclusion of Joel Panciera’s six-week series is available now here:
Is There a Limit to God’s Love? Two Contrasting Views From Nahum and Jonah – Pt. 6.

And here is a message from Joel to our class via Karen Campbell:

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for your extremely kind note. It was deeply appreciated. I too really, really enjoyed our time together and think you Maranatha folks are amazing. The experience was a wonderful blessing for me.

Also, I wonder if you could help. I’m not sure how to route this to the class – but I had planned on closing my session on Sunday by sharing this really awesome quote of Albert Einstein. I liked it because he describes how we all must develop a new way of thinking to widen our "circle of compassion" in order for humanity to survive. Although Einstein did not ever -as far as I can tell – express orthodox Christian or Jewish beliefs, he also was uncomfortable with identifying as an atheist and struggled with faith issues most of his adult life. He certainly did not believe in Jesus as a personified deity or as a ‘Son of God’ in a literal sense, but he often expressed reverence for a creative power behind creation that sounds a lot like what most people call ‘God.’ Could you send the attached quote to the class and express my thanks to everyone for such a great experience together this Lent?


Barbara Meehan

Einstein new thinking quote.docx

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