Karen Tankersley Back in Tulsa – Help with Meals Requested


Allene Donley talked to Bill this morning and Karen is home – she is weak but on the way to recovery. They have requested meals every other day for a week. Rex and Allene will take a chicken dish tonight (Monday). Meals are needed for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – we will re-evaluate after Sunday. You can do this by yourself or team up with other class members. To avoid traffic to Broken Arrow, Bill suggested 6:30 to 7:00 pm for delivery time. Their address is: 2309 West Fulton St, Broken Arrow.

Karen is now lactose intolerant which means no dairy, butter and cheese. She also cannot have MSG or pine nuts.

If you are available to help with a meal, please call Allene at 918-851-0630. Allene sends her thanks in advance for your help, along with the knowledge that Bill and Karen will appreciate it as well.


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