Regarding Julie Allen

Dear Maranatha class family members,

I had a meaningful conversation with Jeff Allen this afternoon and with his permission, I am sharing this update.

Julie and Jeff’s daughter Rebecca is due to deliver Lincoln at any time. The memorial service will not be scheduled until the birth is complete so that Rebecca and Matt can be present at the service. With that said, it is unlikely that the memorial service will occur in the next 10 days, and maybe longer. That is not definite, it is a best guess at this time. As soon as we become aware of specific plans you will be updated.

Jeff’s personal behavior has been amazing. Don’t misunderstand, he is grieving, but he is working through issues remarkably. Continue to hold Jeff in your prayers. His strength is a gift from God. Your friendship and prayers for Jeff are likewise a gift from God.

Rebecca and Matt and Taylor and Lauren are also dealing with their grief with courage and grace. They are a reflection of their mom, and mother-in-law.

Roger or I will provide an update in class on Sunday. If you have specific questions regarding Caranatha or other needs, we will update those on Sunday. In the meanwhile, please include Rebecca, Matt and soon-to-be Lincoln Williams in your prayers!


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