Debbie Jacoby

Since Debbie Jacoby contacted me yesterday with news for the class and a prayer request, we have been working up the following wording:

While in Turks and Caicos at her daughter Shannon’s wedding through Oct. 28, she was taken to the emergency room because blood loss, due to a bowel blockage, had caused her to faint. She missed the wedding reception and does not, sadly, remember the wedding.

She also suffered a NEW head injury/concussion at the Miami airport on her trip back to Tulsa on Sunday. A woman in a hurry had pushed open a door strongly, with the handle of the door knocking into Debbie, seated. Debbie was even knocked “out” briefly.

Upon arrival back in Tulsa, Debbie went directly to St. Francis Hospital ER and was admitted to the Neuroscience floor. Her blockage was due to Crohn’s disease, which had only been discovered in August, with the colon blockage in her left lower quadrant and bleeding in her colon. She had two blood transfusions this past week. The colon blockage will likely require surgery in the near future, pending the resolution of conflicts with medication interactions, the stabilization of her head injury, and her gaining back some strength. After five days in the hospital she was moved to the Villages Skilled Nursing Subacute care for head trauma this weekend, where she can lay down with ice packs to her head enabling her body to heal and her brain to rest and heal from the concussion, but also have physical therapy. She is extremely weak and therefore not up to visitors. She hopes to be strong enough by Friday or Saturday to be released to go home to continue her recovery there.

She asks for your prayers for a speedy recovery so she can go home soon. She hopes to know more soon about when, or whether, to ask for help with meals from Caranatha.

Barbara Meehan

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