Update from Debbie Jacoby

Hi, Maranatha –

Below is a new update from our friend, Debbie Jacoby. Please remember her in your prayers. She needs our support with cards as well, until she returns home and we can do more for her.:

I am in skilled nursing at The Villages, room 504, until the 20th. I’m receiving PT until I can walk without fainting from the head injury. Then I will go to assisted living here until the latest severe head injury heals. They anticipate a couple of weeks – then HOPEFULLY I will be fully independent again, if my head injury can heal and I can return to my pre-recent-latest head injury status.

I would appreciate prayers and cards. I am currently in a darkened room with limited brain stimulation while my brain rests and heals, and receiving a couple of hours of PT each day. They are still trying to determine if I need to have a portion of my colon removed from the internal bleeding, but I am praying every day that God will simply heal the colon…. and I think HE might. Steve has been a source of support. My girls have BOTH been VERY LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE and the doctors have explained to them these are MEDICAL conditions and they FINALLY, finally understand. Thank goodness.
All of my family is now totally supportive, thank goodness. The prayers last week helped so much.

I ask for your prayers for continued healing so I can be self sufficient and independent and healthy once again soon. I want to live alone and travel again soon. Plus I miss my dog, Mr Tucker.

Thanks – Debbie

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