Maranatha Newsletter – September 22-28

Rev. David Wiggs continued his series of lessons for the month of September on the topic of "Where in the world is God?" versus "God is making all things new!" We learned the many ways in which God is making all things new at Boston Avenue. He will continue on this topic next week.

Class Celebrations

Birthdays this week include Dana Solomon and Clifford Webster on the 22nd, Susan Hamilton on the 23rd and Allan Smith on the 26th. There were no anniversaries this week.


Sunday’s visitors included Jacob Vance, Keith & Charlotte Montgomery, and Mary Wiggs.

Lynn Jesee gave the prayer today. Next Sunday Mary Staat will be giving the prayer.

Susan Hamilton and Ed and Judith Payton provided snacks for the class today. Rosa Castellanos and the LeDoux’s will be serving snacks next. week.


  • The heavy rainfall on the Gulf coast will not stop the mission trip to Port Arthur, Texas but it may change what the team is doing.
  • The next class social will be Pizza and Bunco on Friday, November 8
  • The Beer and BBQ Party will be on Sunday, November 10.
  • The Christmas Auction Party is Saturday, December 7.
  • We will serve dinner at the Tulsa Day Center on Friday, October 11.
  • Don’t forget: It isn’t too early to consider thinking about how you will serve the class next year.

Joys and Concerns

  • It was a joy to have John Sherman and Bob Russell back in SS!
  • Cisco was able to go back to work full-time this past week.Hooray!
  • Debbie Jacoby’s daughter is expecting.
  • Bob and Jill Thomas’ daughter is having a baby within the next day or two, their first grandchild.

Enjoy your week and we’ll look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Meredith and Carol

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