Maranatha Newsletter – Jan 5

Happy New Year Maranatha!


Sunday morning we met and learned more about our new Rev. Jen Logsdon-Kellogg who shared her history, calling, and mission with us. She also shared about what evangelism means to her. Jen will be back with us next week to continue a discussion of evangelism.

Class Helpers and Announcements

Thank you to Scott & Debra Morgan and Rick & Melanie Evans for the snacks and greeting.

Thank you to Bruce Chucoski for the prayer.

Next week:

Jeff Allen has guilty snacks and set-up and Art & Karen Campbell have healthy snacks and clean-up.

Please remember to sign in at the attendance table each Sunday.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy birthday to the following folks:

Jim Seymour (3rd)

Suzanne Hood (5th)

Gary Smith (8th)

Ken Privett (10th)

There are no anniversaries this week.


Welcome to the following visitors:

Ralph & Lisa Barras (Bruce Chucoski’s sister and brother-in-law)

Lorena Hodges (an Apt M resident at Exodus House)

Charlotte Montgomery

Tom & Sue Bennett

Upcoming Social Activities

Super Bowl Party – 5:00pm on Feb 2nd at Jeff Allen’s home. Sign up to bring a food item. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be provided. If you prefer an adult beverage, please bring your own. Contact Karen Campbell with questions or to sign up if you won’t be in class.

Yummy Yoga (an auction party) is next weekend, Jan 11, for those who purchased it.

Upcoming Mission Opportunities

July 26th – Serving dinner at Redemption Church

Nov 22nd – Serving dinner at Redemption Church

Joys and Concerns

We celebrated today with Pam Sherman whose granddaughter became engaged.

We also celebrated today with Bruce Chucoski whose father just had a wonderful 80th birthday celebration with family.

Keep the family of Jess Evans (Rick’s father), who passed recently, in your prayers.

We also lift up in prayer all the unspoken joys and concerns.

New Class Officers

With the coming of 2020 also comes a new slate of class officers. Please welcome:

President: Michael Dishman

VP-Curriculum: Mary Bundren & Shari Goodwin

VP-Finance: Kendall Carpenter & Dave Grim

VP-Missions: Bruce & Sharon Chucoski

Treasurer: Mark & Susie Butterworth

Social Chair: Karen Campbell and team

Auction Chair: Scott Gardner & Jim McCann

Attendance: Sarah Maldonado

Greeter/Refreshment Coordinator: Becky Morris and Scott & Debra Morgan

Reporter (for The Word): Pam Sherman

Maranatha Chair: Carol Maus and team

Historian: Pam Low

Webmaster: Barbara Meehan

Prayer Coordinator: Meredith Davison

Newsletter (email): Sharon Earley

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