Maranatha Newsletter – January 19th

Next Sunday

We will be attending the State of the Church presentation in Jubilee Hall at 9:45. Also, next Sunday is a Unity Service at 11:00 so there will be no 9:00 service. We will not be having a normal Sunday school class.


Rev. Eva Marie Campbell shared with us from the book The God We Can Know – Exploring the “I Am” Statements of Jesus by Rob Fuquay encouraging us to trust in God one step at a time on life’s journey.


Welcome to visitors Charlene Tallent (Karen Campbell’s mother) and Joe Morgan (Scott and Debra’s son) who blew through class for a brief visit.

Class Helpers and Announcements

Thank you to Sam & Sarah Smith and Roger & Charlotte Rowe for the snacks and greeting.

Thank you to Meredith Davison for the prayer.

In two weeks (Feb 2nd):

Jim & Julie Embry and Dave & Melanie Shepherd will provide snacks and greet us as we arrive.

Ed Payton will have the prayer.

Please remember to sign in at the attendance table each Sunday.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Happy birthday to the following folks (next two weeks):

Martha Blevins – 21st

Bill Tankersley – 21st

Thad Leonard – 25th

Wanda Williams – 26th

Rob Morgan – 26th

Judy Harkins – 28th

Susan Rose – 30th

Sarah Maldonado – 30th

There are no anniversaries this week.

Upcoming Social Activities

Super Bowl Party – 5:00pm on Feb 2nd at Jeff Allen’s home. Sign up to bring a food item. Coffee, tea and lemonade will be provided. If you prefer an adult beverage, please bring your own. Contact Karen Campbell or Paula Scott with questions or to sign up if you won’t be in class.

Christmas Party/Auction – December 12 at Tulsa Country Club

Upcoming Mission Opportunities

Pam Sherman alerted us to the Family and Children’s Services need of clothing (Sweaters sz L – XXL, mens pants sz 30-34, women pants sz 12 & larger, coats sz M – XXL and blankets of all sizes). Bring your items to Pam at church or take them directly to Family and Children’s Services.

April 10 – Serving dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless

July 26 – Serving dinner at Redemption Church

Oct 9 – Serving dinner at the Day Center for the Homeless

Nov 22 – Serving dinner at Redemption Church

Joys and Concerns

Sharon Chucoski asked for prayers for Bruce’s sister, Lisa, (who visited us recently) who has fluid around the heart.

Kate Staat unexpectedly lost her job and is searching for another. If you have any leads, please contact her.

Mary Staat was feeling blessed this morning as she was sitting next to the ladies who served as bridesmaids at her wedding.

We’ve just been notified that we are losing one of Exodus House Apt M residents, Cynthia Burright, due to noncompliance with the program requirements. Please pray for her.

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