Volunteer Opportunity

Hey yall! We’ve got a one day opportunity to make a difference in a child’s reading ability by doing a Tutor for the Day event at Burroughs Elementary on Friday, March 6 from 10-12:30am! Here’s a look at the schedule for that day:

10:00 am – Welcome & Training

10:30 am – Session #1

11:15 am – Notes & break

11:25 am – Session #2

12:30 pm – Wrap up & call to action

We’re looking for 8-12 folks to join us on this day where you’ll get an orientation, tutor two different students, and then have a time to reflect and process! It’s a great way to put your toe in the water and learn a bit more before a full commitment. Even if you don’t think you’d ever be able to make a long term commitment to Reading Partners, this one day will help our center at Burroughs get some much needed make up sessions done so that our students are ready to succeed in their reading! RSVP by Tuesday, March 2 to Rev. Sara Pugh Montgomery at sarapughmontgomery or 918-699-0127. Feel free to pass this information along to others or email me back if you have any questions!

peace and love,

Sara Pugh Montgomery

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