Maranatha Newsletter for June 18th


Good day to you. Here’s the newsletter for last Sunday.

David Wiggs continued his lesson on the current state of the Methodist Church. He had us vote last week on our feelings about the question of human sexuality and the church. I’ve included those number in the newsletter attachment.
The Rev. Wiggs will be with us for his final lesson next Sunday.


Dan Blevins

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Maranatha Newsletter for June 11th


Here is the class newsletter for this week, June 11th.

BABA is looking for helpers in the upcoming production of The Adams Family. The specifics are in the newsletter.

The Rev. David Wiggs spoke again this week on human sexuality and the church. The class got to cast votes on a range of possibilities that defines how you feel about the LGBTQ community versus your church life. I included the voting options in the newsletter. I’m sure we’ll be discussing the results of that next week. Should be interesting.

Have a great week.

Dan Blevins

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Thank you Maranatha!


Dear Maranatha Class,

I wanted to let you know that after driving from Bartlesville to Tulsa for more than 12 years, I have accepted an offer to serve as the Director of Development for the Sutton Avian Research Center located in Bartlesville. After careful consideration, I realized that this opportunity was too exciting for me to turn down! (Did I say that it is in BARTLESVILLE…5 minutes from my house!)

Mike and I are looking forward to working, living and attending worship in the same town. Being on the same schedule will also allow us to spend time with our kids (and new grandchild in September) and to care for our parents.

Boston Avenue has been our home for 13 years. Many of you are the parents of some of my very first youth here at Boston Avenue and I consider you a part of my family. Plus I still LOVE your kids! The church has helped raise our children and through opportunities and relationships found here, they are accepting and kind people. Some of my closest friends are either on staff or a part of our congregation. I will miss being a part of this family.

I appreciate the support the Maranatha Class has always shown me. You were the first ones to jump on board for so many projects and have continued to support me through the transition from youth to welcoming ministries. When I speak to your class (even though it is slightly terrifying), I always know that you are in my corner and willing to do whatever it is that I ask of you. Thank you so much for being that kind of class!

It has been a joy to serve this church. I love all of the people at Boston Avenue: teenagers, parents, young adults, grandparents, new members and folks who have been members for a long time! Thank you for the opportunity to be in ministry here.

While Mike and I do not plan to attend regularly, we expect to be around from time to time for special occasions. Boston Avenue will always be a special place for us. (Did you know that Kevin Tully’s church has an ANIMAL ministry? And there is a PIG that worships regularly?!)

While I know this is a quick transition, I want to assure you that I have loved the role of welcoming all people to our church and will do my best to wrap up as many loose ends as possible and have a plan in place!

Blessings to you,



Audra Fogle

Director of Welcoming Ministries

1301 S. Boston Avenue | Tulsa, OK 74119




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Maranatha Newsletter for June 4th

Hello Maranatha,

Attached is the newsletter for this past Sunday. Rev. David Wiggs will be our speaker for the month of June. This week he started with the state of Boston Avenue and the Methodist Church in general. He will continue this discussion next week.

See you next Sunday,

Dan Blevins

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Hot Diggity Dog Party


Just a reminder that the Hot Diggity Dog Party will be this Saturday, June 3rd. We will be gathering at Kitchen Concepts at 59th and Lewis at 6:30pm.
If you purchased this at the Christmas auction, you should be receiving an Evite from Sherry Griffin. If you don’t, please let her know.

If you didn’t get the chance to buy this at Christmas time, but would like to come, please consider yourself invited. Just let us know that you will be there. Again, let Sherry know at sherry.griffin1.

See you there!

Dan B.

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Maranatha Newsletter May 28 2017

Attached is the news from today’s meeting. Have a wonderful and restful Holiday!

Scott Morgan

Think Deeply, Grow Spiritually, Love Generously

Did you know that a stone from Boston Avenue Methodist Church is one of the stones embedded in the walls of the Chicago Tribune Building, along with over 100 others picked from historical buildings and famous sites from around the world?

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Maranatha Newsletter


Attached is your newsletter for the week.

Darlene Tegeler was our teacher this week, finishing her lecture on ‘Half Truths’.

Next Sunday is our Memorial Day Brunch.

Thanks to Scott for sending out the newsletter for the last few weeks while Martha and I were travelling.

Dan Blevins

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Maranatha Class Newsletter

Attached is this weeks newsletter.

Scott Morgan

Gracious uncertainty is the mark of a spiritual life. God wants us to be spontaneous with the things he brings near to us!

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Roster updates and Burroughs Pictures

New address and job for Kristy Hayes1033 E. 57th Place #18,
Tulsa, OK 74105
(918) 852-3927
Office Manager for Kitchen Concepts

New cell phone for Becky Morris 918-219-7809

New Members:


PO Box 97 Pawnee, OK 74058

Ken:1/10 Attorney


HOOD, Suzanne and Andy
6800 S. Granite Ave # 443, Tulsa, OK 74136

Andy: 3/13

Suzanne: 1/5/36



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So sorry that I cluttered your inbox with all of the class emails…………….and there were no pictures attached.
I think I did it right this time……I think







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