Sunday 20 November 2011

Thank you to Michelle Place for a wonderful presentation Sunday. We also want to thank Michelle for the wonderful job she has done as Curriculum Coordinator.

Thank you to Denny Meredith-Orr for a wonderful prayer.

Thank you to those who Greeted and Refreshed us:
Mick and Carol Maus
Keith and Sue Madden
Beverley North

November Birthdays:
20 Brenda Miller
25 Sandi Gardner
26 Lynn Goodwin
26 Patti Smith

Susan Brown
Jake Mitchell

ELECTIONS for 2012 Officers continues.
Planning for 2012 continues – What class activities and speakers do you want to see in 2012?

Our Speaker for Sunday 27 November is Rev Paul Staat.
Richard Wansely will be running the class.

Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 27 November
Set up:  Janet Purinton
Clean up: Cisco and Sarah Maldonado

Tuska Mission Sign up available in class.

Five Faith Sharing Questions:
1. How have you seen Good at work this past week?
2 What song or hymn best expresses you faith? In what way?
3. How has your faith been strengthened lately?
4. Who do you share your faith journey with?
5. What scripture is particularly helpful to you?  Why?

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless
Family Room & Playground Holiday Wish List
inside small cars, big trucks-indoor or out door
small baby dolls, 5X8 indoor-outdoor rugs
chunky Fisher Price Little People
building toys, outdoor riding toys, outdoor playground items
or search by name first-Tulsa Day Center

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless
Men’s & Women’s Community Wish List
jackets & coats, shoes, scarves, hat & gloves, socks, & underwear, warm shirts, sweaters, jeans, warm pants, towels, snack food, cereal, drink mixes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, paperback books

For More information or to set a date to celebrate with Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless
Please contact:  Debra Dester, Volunteer Coordinator, Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, 415 W Archer Tulsa OK 74103
Phone: 918-583-5588×218

There are residents at Methodist Manor who do not have family to spend the holidays with. If anyone is willing to buy a small gift and visit with these residents please contact Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr.

Redemption Church is collecting gifts for children whose parent a incarcerated. Each child is provide a number which should be appended to the gift. Gift must be $25 or less.

Meals on Wheels:  There is an emergency need for volunteers to work in the kitchen at Centenary United Methodist during the month of December. Deliveries to the homebound are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Food Handlers work from 8AM to 10AM and may choose to work only one day in the month or once each week. People are also needed to assist the site coordinator with the overall running of the kitchen. The site coordinator works from 8AM to 12PM. For more information please contact Cathy Perlingiere  Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa Director of Volunteer Services 2620 E 31st Street Tulsa, OK 74146
Office  918-627-4103
Fax: 918-663-8914
Email: cperlingiere(at)

Restore Hope 2011 Thanksgiving Basket Drive: Each Thanksgiving, Restore Hope Ministries expands its food assistance program to include a Thanksgiving Basket. The basket includes a whole turkey and other items to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving Feast. The goal for 2011 is to provide 600 Thanksgiving Baskets. A $30 gift will provide a basket for a family of four.  Please make checks payable to: Restore Hope Ministries for: Thanksgiving Baskets or Donate Online at click “Thanksgiving Basket.” Restore Hope Ministries 2960 Charles Page Blvd Tulsa OK 74127-8318

Restore Hope 2011 Christmas Sponsors: Restore Hope Ministries is looking for “Family Sponsors”. Sponsors will be matched with an RHM client family. Sponsors will have the opportunity to meet and personally express God’s love with Christmas gifts and food. Individuals, families, work or church groups may request one or more families to sponsor. Please call 918-582-5766 to be matched with a family or become a family sponsor before 16 December.
Restore Hope Ministries 2960 Charles Page Blvd Tulsa OK 74127-8318

Restore Hope Family Sponsorship Offering:  Restore Hope’s “Family Sponsorship Fund” provides direct assistance to families in financial crisis. Our troubled economy is forcing record numbers of families to seek rent and food assistance from Restore Hope. A gift to the “Family Sponsorship Fund” will feed and house our neighbors who are struggling to make ends meet. The average aid per family is currently $450. Please prayerfully consider supporting this vital mission opportunity.  Make your gift payable to Restore Hope Ministries for: “Family Sponsorship Fund” or Donate Online at, click “Christmas Family Sponsorship”.
Restore Hope Ministries 2960 Charles Page Blvd Tulsa OK 74127-8318

Food, Faith & Sharing, November 27 2011 5:30PM to 7:00PM. An old Fashion covered dish supper in Community Hall for the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving will be our monthly Vesper Service. We will gather around tables of eight, share a meal and share experiences of memorable and meaningful Thanksgiving and Advent Season times in our lives. This is intergenerational, all ages included. We will have facilitators at each table to help the discussion and then we will conclude with communion at each table. We will design the discussion as a way to make the transition from Thanksgiving  Weekend into the beginning of Advent, preparing for a more meaningful Christmas. So, if you will be in town, join us for an old fashioned potluck supper, table fellowship, informal devotion and communion. For more information, please contact Dr Bill Tankersley or Sheri Nellis at sherinellis(at)

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church and John Burroughs Elementary School Partner’s In Education since 1999. Burroughs Elementary  1924 North Cincinnati Ave Tulsa OK. Student population is approximately 363 with the school at 99% poverty. In 2007, was name the Title 1 Distinguished School. This school year Burroughs has added 6th Grade and ED class.
Ways you can support Burroughs Elementary:
1. Be a  mentor through the Big Brother and Big Sisters School Based Program
2. Pick an apple from the Apple Tree and fill the request.
3. Provide funding for special projects through our Boston Avenue and
Burroughs Together Account
4. Provide any of the following items:
Ongoing Needs of Burroughs Elementary
Copy Paper, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizers, Box tops for Education
child size socks, Gloves, Belts, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap
Children’s games and puzzles, Prize items for Incentive Store
Children’s uniform pants and shirts:  Khakis or Navy Pants, Red, Yellow or White collared shirts (in size extra small, 3T, 4T, 5T)
Upcoming Events:
Apple Tree for the Teachers – Fall 2011
Mid Year School Supply Drive – January 2012
Snacks for Spring Testing – April 2012
Test Monitors – April 2012
Teachers Appreciation – May 2012
For more information please contact:  Reverend Eva Marie Campbell, 918-699-0120 evamariecampbell(at)  or Principal Michell Cullom,  918-833-8780  cullomi(at)

Maranatha Christmas Party is Saturday December 10 at 6PM at the Tulsa Country Club. Cost is $25.00 per person. The price change is due to a class voted to remove ordure’s from the menu.

Maranatha Auction, 10 December – We are needing people to Submit Auction Forms.
Our goal is to raise $10,000. We are needing Bid Takers and a laptop.

Have a great week.
I hope to see all on Sunday


Sunday 14 August 2011

A special Thank you to Dr. Bill Crowell for two wonderful lessons.
Thank you to Richard Wansley for a wonderful prayer.
Thank you to those who Greeted and Refreshed us:
Kraemer and Christi Luks
Bob and Lynn Russell

August Birthdays:
14 Gene Martin
19 Richard Payton
19 Richard Wansley

August Anniversaries:
18 Lee and Pam Snodgrass

Lon Duncan

Our Speaker for Sunday 21 August is Carol Grimm

Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 21 August
Set up: Gary and Patti Smith
Clean up: Mick and Carol Maus

Sunday 21 August – Great Day BA
Saturday 27 August – Cans and Karaoke Party 5:30PM.

We continue to collect toiletries for DayCenter For The Homeless.

Remember to schedule your  appointment for the church directory at
Dates available: September 13 through September 17.

Joys and Concerns:
Paul Staat
Lauren –  Got Married
John Sherman – Prostate Biopsy
Pat Webre – Thank you for the support. Husband passed away.
Brenda Reed’s Nephew passed away
Paula Gradney’s Son – Heart Condition
Lynn Russell’s Daughter
Paula Scott – Disk in Back

Have a great week.

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E-Mails from Monday

Message 1

A prayer request from Lee Nichols.


— Forwarded message —
From: Nichols, Lee
Subject: Prayer request
Date: Monday, August 8, 2011, 12:15 AM


I was wondering if you could say a prayer for my brother. He is having a family crisis and would appreciate a prayer to help him during this time. Thank you.

Also, I just wanted to say please keep me and my daughter in your prayers too. We both have been sick. My daughter is much better and doing well. I hurt my back last September and again in April. I have fallen down my stairs twice :(. I have been working hard in rehab all summer to heal myself and I am doing much better. I did not know that backs could make one so immobile or be so painful. I hope to return to work and a more normal active life soon.

Thank you.

Lee Anne Nichols

Message 2

Information on Neville Webre.


— Forwarded message —
From: Shari Goodwin
Subject: Neville Webre
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 13:04:49 -0500

William, please share with the class:

Our former classmate, Nevil Webre, died unexpectedly yesterday, August 7. Services are pending at Saint Bernard’s Catholic Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, but will probably be Thursday. Please keep his wife, Pat; daughter, Linda Love; and grandsons, Brian and Ben Davis, in your prayers.


Message 3

We need volunteers for Day Center for The Homeless Friday August 12.
Please view Sharon Earley’s message below.


— Forwarded message —
From: Earley, Sharon
Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 11:24 AM
Subject: Day Center Meal


Our class is scheduled to feed the Day Center THIS FRIDAY, Aug 12. I neglected to get you an announcement for Sunday School. Can you please send out an e-mail to the class asking for volunteers? They need to meet at the Day Center at 5:15 to 5:30 to set up, fix lemonade, etc. I’ll pick the food up and meet them there. Please also ask them to e-mail me at Sharon.earley(at) to let me know they can help. Or they can call me at 918-492-1803. Thank you.

Sharon Earley

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Sunday 5 June 2011

What a wonderful presentation given by James Kilman. I look forward to James’s presentation this week.
Thank you to Sharon Earley for the wonderful prayer.

Thank you to those who Greeted and Refreshed us:
David and Brenda Worthington
Scott and Debbie Morgan

June Birthdays:
5th Diane Martin
6th Lisa Tallent
8th Teri Jennings
8th James Kilman

June Anniversaries:
6th Rob and Andrea Davis

Our Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday June 12.
Set Up: Dave and Carol Grim
Clean Up: Eric and Beth Green

Day Center for the Homeless is still needing Household items. Please check the list off appropriately.

For those who missed the love offering for Rev Paul Staat, you may mail your offering to:
Mr Kevin Meehan
4712 S 66th E Ave
Tulsa, OK 74145

Joys and Concerns:
Chapel Choir
Youth Force
BA Preschool
Rowe’s – Surgery
Sue Flemming
Jennifer Hall – work
Elaine – Summer in Kentucky
Jane – Surgery
Kirk Place’s Mother – Passed away
Christi – Graduated
Tay – Passed away
John and Pam Sherman’s 7 week old Lab

Have a great week.
I hope to see all on Sunday

William Meyer

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Sunday 22 May 2011

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.  John 20-29
Scripture Reading:  Luke 16:19-31

I hope all have enjoyed Don Forsman the last three Sundays. What a Blessing those Sundays have been.
Thank you to Karen Campbell for a wonderful prayer.
Thank you to Ruth Giessen for keeping the class minutes.

Thank you to those who Greeted and brought Refreshments:
Rob and Frieda Reck
Brenda Spencer


All are welcome back anytime.

May Birthdays:
22nd Angelyn Dale
22nd Mary Elliott
22nd Jerry Walker
22nd Bill Gertsen
25th Jane Smith
26th Amy Michaels
27th Bethany Willyard

May Anniversaries:
23rd  Denny & Suzy Meredith-Orr
25th Rex & Allene Donley
27th Gene & Diane Martin
27th Bob & Lynn Russell

Congratulations to Maranatha High School Senior Graduates:
Jason Earley: Son of  Ray and Sharon Earley
Ryan Latchem: Son of  Ray and Shannon Latchem
Larkin McCann:  Son of James McCann and Angelyn Dale
Danny Rose: Son of David and Susan Rose
Alex Rounds: Son of Mark and Anita Rounds
Scott Solomon: Son of Stuart and Dana Solomon


Thursday 26 May: Utica Square Christmas – For those who bought into
this at the Christmas Party, you should have received an email. If not
and you want to attend contact Allene Donley.

Sunday 29 May: Brunch – Come share your favorite dish we us.

Monday 30 May: Memorial Day

Apartment M is ready to go and looks great. Congratulations to all.

In class a list was passed around for Day Center for The Homeless. If
you purchase an item on the list be sure to check it off.

Joys and Concerns:
Bethany Willyard
Doris Bell
Kirk & Michelle Place – Family Vacation
Sarah – Retirement
High School and College Graduates
Storm Victims in Kansas and Minneapolis

Have a great week.
I hope to see all on Sunday.

William Meyer

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Day Center Meals

In Sunday’s news from William Meyer, he mentions a Sharon as coordinating meals for the Day Center, meaning Sharon Cambridge, Boston Avenue’s cook. Sharon Cambridge is coordinating entrees for those who want someone to do most of the cooking. You can contact her at the church, 583-5181.

If you are interested in having the class serve at the Day Center again for one of their open spots, please let Sharon Earley know so that she can coordinate with Paul Staat.

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Sunday 30 January 2011

We had a delicious brunch Sunday, Thank You for all who brought food and for the wonderful fellowship. Our speaker this coming Sunday 6 February is Barbara Loyd, “The Spiritual Aspects of Color”.
Thank You to Sharon Earley for the Sunday Morning Prayer.

Thank you to Pam Sherman and Barbara Loyd for helping with the class minutes.

Suzanne Hood from Houston TX
Elaine (I believe this is her third time, maybe fourth or fifth)
All are welcome back anytime.

February Birthdays:
2  Paul Giessen
5  Dave Been
7  Art Campbell
7  Sherry Stinson

Greeter and Refreshments:
6 February  Debbie and Neal Pascoe (Set Up)
Debbie and Scott Morgan (Clean Up)

February 13  Fred Elder Recital  6PM

February 21  The Greatest Chili on Earth – Clipboard sign up on bulletin board to the left of the marker board.

Day Center for the Homeless has empty slots. Please contact Sharon @ 583-5181 ext 144 if you wish to help.

April 10th German Requiem 6PM performed by Chancel Choir
For those who wish to attend a Drillers game with Boston Avenue, the Dates are: April 10, May 22 and June 5. We’ll need a head count this Sunday 6 February.

June 5th Vespers 6PM

Joys and Concerns:
Thank You to the Civil Air Patrol for there outreach program to area schools

Please Pray for:
Mike’s Mother – Heart Problems
Tim – Back Surgeries
Martha – Heart Problems
Mary Ellen – Skull Fracture and Fibromyalgia
Paul – Hair growing back, continues with Pet Scans
Charlene – Foot Surgery
All – That we survive the snow and ice and extreme cold.

I look forward to seeing all on Sunday, stay warm.

William Meyer

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Maranatha, July 18, 2010

“Most folks are about as happy as they
make up their minds to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

A great class on Sunday, with a good number of members in attendance. David Carpenter lead us on the second in his series of Maranatha Disciple Bible Study. The lesson pertained to Matthew 5: 21-48. Next Sunday, David will be teaching once again, and I will forward the Bible verse for your reading prior to the class. Remember, BRING YOUR BIBLE! It will enhance your experience in this Maranatha Study course.

We acknowledged several birthdays, including those of Nancy Christy (7/18), Steve Jacoby (7/18), Mark Butterworth (7/20), and Lydia Jackson (7/2), as well as the anniversaries of Carol and Mickey Maus (7/19) and Beverly and Mark North (7/20). Party till you drop; just remember to get back up!!

Mary and Randy Elliott and Charlotte and Roger Rowe provided tasty treats for all us. Personally, I had one too many Crispy Cremes; I should have had a healthy bagel instead! It’s nice to have options. Thanks Mary, Randy, Charlotte and Roger.

Next week, our Greeters who will also bring snacks are Angie Dale and Jim McCann (Cleanup and Guilty Snacks) and Rex and Allene Donley (Setup and Healthy Snacks).

Visitors on Sunday were Rebecca Allen, Alexis Brownlee, and returning for the second time, Jim and Ginger Smryl. Bring guests next Sunday; we love visitors!

Several important announcements were reported by members, including that the July social is group attendance to the BABA performance on July 30th. The group membership is set but if you’re interested and haven’t signed up, then contact Pam Sherman. Paula Scott let us know that the Cans & Karoke Party will be held on August 28th. If you bought tickets to this event, contact Paula for details. Suzy Meredith-Orr informed us that we will be serving food at the Day Center for the Homeless on Friday evening, August 13th. More details from Suzy later, but let her know if you’re interested in attending this mission opportunity.

David Rose celebrated the joy of being one year past his quadrupal bypass surgery; great news! Paul Staat is having surgery and there was request for prayers. The Low’s neighbor had a serious accident and suffered brain trauma. Jerry Jessee, Lynn Russell’s stepdaughter’s father, has advanced cancer. There was mention of the continuing treatment of a boy with a brain tumor, and the death of a child. Today, I was notified that Jim Seymore’s mother is dying from lung cancer, and has moved to hospice care. Your prayers are requested for all these mentioned in class and others who are need of our Christian concerns even though they may not have been mentioned aloud on Sunday.

On Sunday, Michelle Place led us in prayer following the sharing of Joys and Concerns. If I missed any announcements, feel free to let me know and I will pass the information along to other members.

We’re fortunate have each other as classmates! Have a great week.

Richard Wansley

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Maranatha, January 24, 2010

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”
Mother Teresa

A classroom filled with Maranatha members and visitors; it was a great Sunday! Thanks to all who were there earlier today. We missed all those who were unable to attend; see you soon!

We celebrated several birthdays, including those of Thad Leonard (1/25), Rob Morgan (1/26), Judy Herriman (1/28), Brenda Spencer (1/29), Sarah Maldonado (1/30), and Susan Rose (1/30). No anniversaries were noted for the week. Karen and Olin Holmes, Nancy and Jerry Manduano were our Greeters, and they brought great refreshments, making it difficult to get people away from the table and in their seats.

We were blessed by the presence of several visitors, some new and others returning to the class: Patti and Gary Smith, Autumn Smith, and Catherine Cooper. Welcome; we hope to see you back again in the near future.

Suzy Meredith-Orr reported that a number of class members helped put together kits for Haitians that included hand towels, wash cloth, combs, nail file, bandages, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Over 50 kits were assembled by the volunteers last Friday evening; and, a number of other class members assembled kits at home, bringing them to the Church this morning. A job well done!

Suzy also announced that we will have another mission opportunity this Wednesday evening to prepare and serve a meal at the Day Center for the Homeless. Over a dozen people have agreed to help, but you are welcome to contact Suzy if you wish to volunteer even if you haven’t already signed up for this opportunity.

Pam Sherman reminded us that the next social event is a Valentine’s Dinner at Ti Amo on Friday, February 12th; contact Pam if you are interested and have not already signed up for this activity.

Several concerns were shared with us this morning, including a friend of Pam whose had a recurrence of a brain tumor, the father of Meredith’s work associate who is not responding to treatment following heart surgery, and for Richard, a recently released offender who, after serving many years in prison, faces the challenge of readjusting to the world outside. Janet Purinton offered our prayer today.

We were blessed by the teaching of Darlene Tegeler who reviewed a book by Reverend Dr. James Moore, entitled “Seize the Moment”. Her presentation gave us much to think about and act on for how we behave and respond to “moments” in our life, both big and small, in which we can practice our faith. “Seize the Moment”, perhaps a motto for us, individually and as a class!

There were several announcements that did not make it into the agenda this morning:
· The “New Life Divorce Support Group”, an 8 week group for those who are separated, divorced, or going through divorce, will be facilitated by Linda Algeria, LCSW, beginning February 3, Wednesday, 6pm to 7:30pm. A fee of $40 will cover all 8 weeks. Call Linda at 970-6765 to enroll in the group.
· As pointed out by Dr. Biggs in the Church’s service, members of the Frontiers Class will facilitate a series of lessons on “Financial Peace” using the material created by Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University. Interested? Contact Reverend Bill Crowell, 699-0127.
· We received a “thank you” and an accounting for the Class’ $100 donation to Restore Hope Ministries.

Next week is our Brunch, an informal pot-luck gathering of members and visitors largely for the purpose of informal conversation. A brief presentation will be provided by Barbara Meehan who has been developing our new Class website. She will explain the site’s capacity, how to use it, and give us a live demonstration. It’s great, a one-stop, Internet-based vehicle to discover Maranatha news, events, and opportunities to serve!

We hope to have Rob Reck, a fellow Class member, give us a report on his exciting trip to London during our session on the first Sunday in February. Definitely something to look forward to!!

Have a wonderful week; “seize the moment”!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

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Maranatha, January 10, 2010

“Without faith, nothing is possible; with it (faith), nothing is impossible”

Mary McLeod Bethune

Thank you for your acceptance of Meredith and me as your Presidents in 2010.  We are excited about the new year and the ability to work with magnificent people who are serving as other offices for our Class.

Earlier today, we had a large number of Class members who heard a lesson given by Reverend Ken Tobler; Ken will continue to “surprise, shock, and, perhaps, offend” us next week as he continues his teaching.  If you weren’t able to attend this week, we’ll be looking for you next week.

We recognized several members who are having birthdays in the next several days, including David Rose, Jim Seymour, and David Worthington. No anniversaries this week.

Refreshments and greetings were provided by Debbie and Neal Pascoe as well as Jennifer Hall.

Several concerns were raised for others, including Noel Copeland; a friend, Chuck, who lost his wife; Jim’s friend (Charlie Snow) who died, Charlie’s wife and daughter; Kim who lost her son.  The prayer was delivered by Shari Goodwin.

Announcements highlighted the Dinners (or, better named, “Meals”) for 8 (contact Pam Sherman for more information).  Pam also is planning a February social as a “Valentine’s Dinner” at Ti Amo on February 12th (again, contact Pam if you are interested).  Shari Goodwin solicited volunteers to participate in a Focus Group on the “church/denomination and HIV/AIDS”.  Contact Shari if you are interested in being a part of this Group.  Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr reminded us that our next mission opportunity is January 27, helping at the Day Center for the Homeless.  Let Denny or Suzy know if you are willing to participate and have not yet signed up for this activity.

We had visitors this morning, Carol and Dave Grim, and Beth Lyons.  We encouraged them to return next week; look for them and welcome them!

If you have any Caranatha announcements or requests for help from our very giving class, contact either Karen Campbell or Barbara Meehan, or me.

You are welcome to get in touch with me at any time.  Use the E-mail, richard.wansley(at),* or call me on my cell phone, 918/520-8787.

By Later this month, we hope to announce the opening of a new Maranatha Class website/blog that will be a “one-stop” communication tool for the class. At that time, communicating needs, your thoughts, mission opportunities, and social events will all be possible through this site. Our thanks to Barbara Meehan for her dedicated work on this project.  Until that time, however, please use our individual E-mail addresses, and, of course, telephone numbers.

Have a terrific week!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

*Note that you will need to type Richard’s email address into an email substituting “@” for “(at).” I have edited his email address so that he will not pick up additional spam from autobots that might be searching our posts. Also, for contact information, you can find our newest roster on the Class Member Page. -brm

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