Meals For Staat Family

Paul is still recuperating and Mary and Kate are heading back to school. If you have been thinking about taking a meal to the Staat’s, this might be a great time to jump in. To all who have helped the Staat Family during this difficult health struggle, thank you so much.

Just visit Lotsa Helping Hands and take a look at the August calendar. Many green areas are available for the taking. You will receive a reminder from the LHH website.

Karen Brownlee Campbell
Visit our community site: CARE-anatha
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Lotsa Helping Hands Community

As we shared with you last week, the Maranatha Lotsa Helping Hands Community will be coordinating meals for Paul and Mary for the next 4 to 6 months.  We wanted to let you know that we have opened our “Community” to other BAUMC classes and groups, as well as Mary’s Broken Arrow School co-workers to assist with providing meals.  This will help Mary and Paul to direct everyone who wants to help to this one tool for scheduling and instructions.

Although any of these participants may access Lotsa Helping Hands by way of this Maranatha Class website, we wanted to assure you that only our Maranatha class members will have access to the secured information on our class site.

If you haven’t signed up to become a member of our “LHH Community,” use the LHH Instructions  and get started.

We started with 52 dinners to schedule and still have 48 available for the taking!

Karen Campbell and Barbara Meehan

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Lotsa Helping Hands Site

This is a follow-up to Karen Campbell’s email of last night. Here are the instructions for getting into the Lotsa Helping Hands CARE-anatha site:

If you have not already done so, you will need to sign up to become a member of the CARE-anatha Lotsa Helping Hands community by following this link:

Your first name, last name, telephone number and email address will be required. After you have signed up, and after you have been verified by Karen or Barbara, you will be sent an email to verify your email address. Follow that email’s link back to the site, and use the email’s instructions for setting your password.

After you have successfully logged in, go to the “Me” page for your email opt-out settings, and visit the Calendar to see whether you can help the class by signing up for any “activities.” If you are already a member of the Lotsa Helping Hands site, then use the same link above and login.

If you can’t remember your password, follow the instructions on that web page (as I had to do today).

You may also find these instructions on this site, by clicking the link on the  right to the CARE-anatha page.

Karen has set up several weeks of slots (called “activities”) for those who would like to volunteer to take dinner to the Staats on the CARE-anatha Lotsa Helping Hands calendar, beginning with the first week in May. Once you sign up, you will be sent a confirmation email, and then reminder emails one month, one week, and one day before your scheduled date. It’s really very slick.

If you would like to provide a meal next week, then please contact Karen Brownlee directly <k.brownlee(at)>, as she is doing all of the coordinating.

Barbara Meehan

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Food for Staat Family

Dear Maranatha,

Mary, Paul and Kate Staat have a lot on their plates right now.  However, beginning next Monday they will have long, tiring days of in and out of hospitals and treatments.  We would like to be sure that food on their plates isn’t something they have to think about.

If you would be able to provide a meal for them next week, please email me at k.brownlee(at)  It will just be Mary & Kate and they like EVERYTHING!!!!!  We will have an ice chest sitting out for you on the Staats’ porch to put your food into sometime between 4 and 5:30 pm (4917 S. Madison).  That way nobody is on a tight schedule.  I just want to be sure we are covered for next week. I will confirm next week’s schedule with people by email.

After next week, we will be using the Lotsa Helping Hands website to calendar food assignments.  We will send out a reminder about how to sign up and use the site.

Also, Kate has her driver’s license, so we don’t need to help with driving.  However, should Mary need to stay over night at the hospital, she would want someone to stay with Kate or she may ask for someone to stay with Paul if she needs to be away and doesn’t feel comfortable leaving him alone.  If you are able to help with overnights with Kate or spelling Mary at the hospital, please email me, giving me an idea of your schedule at k.brownlee(at)

Thanks so much for your tender loving care!

Karen Brownlee Campbell

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New Maranatha Class Website

This message is to announce the new website for the Maranatha Class and an online community for helping to organize care for class members in need. Karen Campbell and I gave a presentation in class on January 30. Because not every one was in class that day (and because it was confusing anyway), I am attaching the handout in two different formats, and I wanted to give you the links to the website, as well as to the presentation online at

The URL for the Maranatha Class Website is

You can watch the class presentation on how the new website works. It is now available on The link to the video is Or, you can reach it from the Welcome page on the Maranatha Class Website.

Please subscribe to the Maranatha Class Blog on any page of the site. We will be changing the way that we deliver emails within the next several months. The Maranatha Class Blog page will have the Class Newsletters and any CARE-anatha announcements regarding class members. If you have subscribed, you will receive emails of each post instead of through the Gmail account. You will need to be subscribed to get these emails.

There is a link to the Class Calendar, which you can use to find social activities, class mission projects, and Sunday School specifics, such as the names of each week’s speaker, prayer, and those greeting and bringing refreshments.

While most of the site is available to anyone, in order to keep certain class member information private there are two logins required. The Class Member Page link will take you to a password-protected page where you can find a link to the class member photos on Picasa (courtesy Pam Low), and downloadable copies of the roster and the email list (also the work of Pam Low). If you’d like to know the password to the Class Member Page, just contact any of the officers.

The CARE-anatha link (under Pages) leads to Lotsa Helping Hands, where you will find an online community for organizing care needs. This is the second place where a login will be required. Karen and I will coordinate our CARE-anatha scheduling there when the time comes, but we hope that you will register for the site now. See the instructions for registering on the CARE-anatha page.

As before, if you have any care needs, please contact Karen Campbell or me . For other questions or class-related business, contact Richard Wansley or Meredith Davison , or use the Class Officers link on the website for other officer names.

If you have any questions about the website, please let me know.

Barbara Meehan

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