2015 Class Officers

President: Jim Embrey

VP Curriculum: Michelle Place

VP Finance: Grim/Campbell/Blankenship

VP Missions: Rex Donley & Roger Rowe

Social: Dale/Maldonado/Solomon/Campbell/Payton

Auction: Richard and Meredith Wansley

Greeter/Refreshments: Debbie and Scott Morgan

Reporter: Sharon Earley

Secretary: Carol and David Grim

Caranatha: Lynn Jessee-Russell, Nancy Christy, Karen Harris and Patti Smith

Chili Supper: Nancy and Joey Manduano

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

Update on Meredith Wansley

To our Maranatha friends:

Meredith had successful surgery earlier today, and we expect for her to be home on Saturday. She will recovering at home for about a week, yet she’s already checking work messages on her IPhone.

We appreciate the prayers and your expressions of concern. Thanks for offers of food, etc, but we’re OK for now. It nice to know you’re there if and when we need you.


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Update on Meredith Wansley

The complication delaying gall bladder surgery for Meredith has finally been resolved after two uncomfortable attempts at the procedure. She will likely have surgery now, probably tomorrow, Friday. She’s still pretty sedated most of the time. We appreciate your prayers; thank you.

Please pass this message along to class members.


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Meredith in Hospital


Please know that Meredith was hospitalized at St. John on Monday evening. We expected her to be out by now but that’s not the case. Meredith needs to have her gall bladder removed but a complication has come up, and a procedure to resolve the problem failed earlier today. They will attempt the procedure again tomorrow and she may have surgery to remove the gall bladder on Friday. Depending on the procedure’s outcome, she may or may not have a form of surgery that will allow her to leave on Friday or Saturday. She may be there even longer. She not feeling well and sleeps often due to the drugs to control the pain and her overall health status. I’m not sure that she feels well enough for visitors, but thoughts and prayers from you and the other members of the Maranatha class would be much appreciated. Thanks, much; I will keep you informed with her status.


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Maranatha, May 9, 2010

“May you run and not be weary. May your heart be filled with song. And may the love of God
continue to give you hope and keep you strong.”

This portion of the choral response above, now song by us all at the end of the Church’s service, could be describing mothers, running and not appearing to ever be weary, hearts filled with song, and always seeming to be hopeful and strong! Yesterday, Sunday, those who were able to attend class at Maranatha were reminded of all these characteristics when we heard from four mothers, Lynn Russell, Pam Sherman, Debbie Jacoby, and Meredith Davison, who spoke about being mothers and daughters. It was a loving, moving devotion from each presenter!

We celebrated two birthdays, Paula Scott (5/11) and Jim Embrey (5/13). Happy Birthday! No anniversaries were noted for this week.

Our greeters and providers of refreshments were Gary and Patti Smith and Rex and Allene Donley. It was a lovely table adorned with red roses and white carnations on a red tablecloth, and great snacks, both healthy and guilt-ridden. Our thanks to each of you for keeping the calories coming!

Visitors this Sunday were Maranatha alums, Phil and Cindy Allbritten, who now reside in Texas.

Our announcements included appreciation for the talents of Susan Panciera; Susan played a lively rendition of “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” on the clarinet at Sunday’s main services. Also, we heard joys expressed from proud parents, the Carpenters and Jacobys, for the graduation of daughters who will now be pursuing advanced degrees. Congratulations to you and others in our class who will also be sharing in such a joy as schools hold their commencements.

Angie Dale led us in a special Mother’s Day prayer that was a devotional in itself; it was lovely and meaningful!

Next week, we will welcome Professor Susanna Southard, Phillips Theological Seminary, who will teach us for two successive Sundays. Bring friends and family! If we haven’t seen you for a while, you have been missed! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Have a great week!

Richard Wansley and Meredith Davison

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