Maranatha, August 29, 2010

"So Philip ran to him…and asked, "Do you understand what you are reading?" And he said, " How
can I unless some one guides me?"
Acts 8: 30b – 31a

The above verse is a portion of this morning’s lesson, Acts 8: 26-40, entitled, "Multiculturism In Ministry – What We Can Learn From Each Other". Our teacher was Professor John L. Thomas, Phillips Theological Seminary. It was an interesting lesson; Dr. Thomas helped us understand the typical interpretation of these verse, but challenged us to visit the "Twilight Zone" and look at what is written from differing perspectives, then think about how that new view might impact on our interpretation of the verses. Thank you, Professor Thomas.

Today was a Brunch Sunday, and the food was great! Thanks, all.

We also recognized several birthdays and a couple of anniversaries, including the birthdays of Andrea Davis (8/30), Allene Donley (9/3), and Ginny LeDoux (9/4), and the upcoming anniversaries of Bill & Susan Thomas (8/30) and Skip & Paula Scott (9/2). Happy Birthday Andrea, Allene, and Ginny! Congratulations, Bill & Susan and Skip & Paula! Enjoy your special days.

Not only did we have a number of members present this morning, but we also had visitors. Will Johnson returned to our class, and Andrea Davis’ parents visited with us as well. Tell them to come, again!

Several joys and concerns were expressed, including Lynn Russell sharing a concern for her friend, Rick Jacobson, who was injured in Mexico. Earlier this week, a prayer request was forwarded with more information about Rick’s situation. Ginny Walker let us know that she has the joy of her daughters who will be arriving soon for a visit, but a concern that Jerry’s health continues to decline. Beverly North had a joy that she has been invited to teach more classes at TCC.

Following the class this morning, I was informed that Paul Staat will begin his chemotherapy this Thursday. We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Please pray for those above, their family, and friends who are ill, injured, and receiving treatment.

Next week, David Carpenter will begin his final four-week Disciples Bible Study sessions.

It’s Labor Day weekend next week; be with us in Sunday School and Church, then go play! We NEED and WANT you at Maranatha!!

Richard Wansley

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