Maranatha, Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through
experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened ,
ambition inspired, and success achieved."
Helen Keller

Rounds of applause for David Carpenter, fellow class member, who completed on Sunday morning his 8-week course of Bible Study with us! Thank you, David! The multiweek Bible Study in Sunday School was an experiment that was prompted by comments from many members when we solicited feedback from you last November. This November, we will be repeating the evaluation process, and look forward to your reactions to this offering and your other comments.

We recognized several birthdays (Margaret Been, 9/26; Alan Smith, 9/28; and Dan Blevins, 9/30); Happy Birthdays! Also, there was one anniversary noted, Scott & Sandi Gardner, 10/1. Congratulations!

Susan & Bill Thomas did double duty, bringing health and guilt-ridden snacks. Thank you! Next week, Charlotte & Roger Rowe (guilt-ridden and cleanup) and Lynelle Lancaster (healthy/setup) have agreed to bring goodies.

One new announcement: The second "Downtown For Good" all-church mission day is set for Saturday, October 30th, 8am to Noon. Watch your regular church publications for more specific information.

There were a number of concerns shared by members during the classroom: Barbara Loyd’s brother, Cyde Booth, who will be having surgery in the future; Pam Sherman’s granddaughter who is hospitalized with a serious infection; Martha Blevin’s grandaugter, Amelia, who is ill, and Martha’s friend, Maureen, who had a tumor removed, the Rex Thomas family; Kathy who was diagnosed with cancer; Julie Embrey’s freind who suffered as seizure. We discovered just prior to Sunday that Bob Ronne has been hospitalized but we have no updates. And, Shari Goodwin wrote yesterday that Kenny King is hospitalized, but without any additional information. Please hold all these in your prayers! And, I’m certain that contacts with Bob Ronne and Kenny King would be appropriate, and update us if you have additonal information.

If you saw Paul Staat on Sunday, you know that he continues to be receiving therapy for his cancer; so, please also keep Paul in your prayers.

Denny Meredith-Orr delivered a thoughtful prayer; thank you, Denny!

For the next two weeks, October 3rd and 10th, Professor Nancy Pittman, Phillips Theological Seminary will be our teacher. She will be teaching on the Book of Revelation. It will be great!

Meredith and I have weddings two weekends in a row; so, we won’t be seeing you for a while. Next Sunday, October 3rd, Steve Jacoby will be our substitute, and on October 10th, Bob and Lynn Russell with be the subs. Our thanks to each of you.

Peace be with you!


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Bible Study, Sunday, September 26th

David Carpenter has informed me that the verses for this Sunday’s (September 26th) Bible Study is Philippians Chapter 3. I urge you to read the Chapter prior to David’s leadership of a discussion, and to bring your Bible to class. See you on Sunday!

Richard Wansley

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Maranatha, Sunday, September 19, 2010

David Carpenter led this morning’s Bible Study, focusing on the The Revelation of John, particularly Chapter 21. David helped us better understand the symbolism in John’s writing and, particularly, the use of "numbers" as codes. David’s message was to shape our vision of Revelation as a lesson of "hope" for all believers. He recommended a book for those who are interested in reading more about this topic, "Breaking the Code" by Bruce Metzer.

In the next week, there are two birthdays, Dana Solomon (9/22) and Diane Woolsey (9/24), and an anniversary, Denise & James Kilman (9/25). Congratulations to all of you!

Debbie & Scott Morgan and Brenda & David Worthington furnished delicious snacks set on a beautifully adorned table complete with a bouquet of flowers. Debbie, Scott, Brenda, and David greeted members and visitors as they arrived this morning. Thank you. Next week, Susan & Bill Thomas will be bringing our snacks.

We had one visitor, Michael Lane, a new member of the Church. Come again, anytime, Michael! Dean and Terri Todd joined the class this morning as new members; welcome to the class!

The Amish Dinner is scheduled for October 2nd. Contact Pam Sherman to sign up if you have not already done so.

Concerns and prayers were asked for Roger Rowe’s brother, Robert, who is recovering from a stroke; Don Wannasingy (sp?), our Church’s engineer, who suffered a stroke this week and is hospitalized; Shirley Thomas who has breast cancer; Charles Letcher whose home was lost in a fire; Johnny Romo who continues to seek employment for himself.

Paula Scott led us in a thoughtful prayer after sharing of concerns. Thank you, Paula.

Next week, David will lead us in Bible Study for the final time in his 8 week series. During the first two weeks of October, Nancy Pittman, PhD, Associate Professor of the Practice of Ministry, Phillips Theological Seminary, will be our teacher.

Have a blessed, peaceful week!

Richard Wansley

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Scripture Lesson, Sunday, September 19th

David Carpenter has informed me that the scripture lesson for this Sunday is Revelation, Chapter 21. I encourage you to read the passage in advance, and to bring your Bible on Sunday. No doubt, the discussion will be richer and more beneficial if you are prepared in advance. See you Sunday! Meredith is out-of-town, so I’ll be flying solo.

Richard Wansley

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Sunday’s (September 12th) scripture lesson

David Carpenter has informed us that the scripture lesson for Bible Study this Sunday, September 12th, is Matthew, Chapters 22 and 23. I encourage you to read these passages prior to Sunday; in doing so, you will better appreciate the message and be able to more actively participate in discussion. Also, bring your Bible!
Meredith and I will be out of town this weekend and through much of next week. Bob and Lynn Russell have agreed to facilitate Sunday’s class. Thank you Bob and Lynn. Since we will not be in class on Sunday, it is likely that there will not be an electronic report following this Sunday. So, I encourage you to be in class if at all possible, or to follow the class session on the BAUMC website if you’re not able to physically be with your classmates on September 12th.
Have a great Sunday; we’ll miss you, our friends!
Richard Wansley

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Update on Roger Rowe’s brother

See message below:
"Many thanks for you thoughts and prayers for my brother and his family. We were able to see a significant improvement in his status today. He’s still struggling to find words and complete thoughts, but does not appear to have physiological issues at this time.

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Message and prayer request from Roger Rowe

Please see the notice and request from Roger Rowe below:
"My brother, Robert, suffered a stroke in Oklahoma City this afternoon. Please keep him and his family in your prayers – will provide an update when we have it.

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Lynn Russell’s friend, Rick, update

Please see the note below from Lynn Russell regarding her friend, Rick:
"I lost my dear sweet funny friend today. Please continue to hold his familly in your prayers. He was so wonderful and made me laugh so much, he will be missed every day. Thanks for all of your prayers. Lynn"

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Maranatha, September 5, 2010

"Generosity is giving more than you can,
and pride is taking less than you need."
Kahlil Gibran

Yesterday at Maranatha, we had a few less people than usual, about 60 people. No doubt, the holiday weekend, a beautiful one, was too good of a "get away" opportunity to pass up for many of you. We’re hoping that you’ll be back in class next week if you weren’t able to attend last Sunday.

We welcomed two members to the class, Will Johnson and Johnny Romo. Welcome, welcome!

Also, there were several visitors on Sunday, including Dave & Melody Sheppard, Alexis Brownlee and her OSU roommate, Caitland McDaniel (hope I got the right name). Come again on Sunday or other Maranatha events!

David Carpenter led us in a reading and discussion of 2 Corinthians, Chapters 8 and 9. It was an interesting conversation, and I invite you to read these passages, if you have not already done so. David will return next week, facilitating a Bible Study course during the entire month of September.

Birthdays recognized were those for Bob Russell (9/5), Kraemer Luks (9/6), Beth Green (9/9), Pam Sherman (9/9), and Michelle Place (9/11). Anniversaries included ones for Barbara & Paul Loyd (9/9), Susan & Thad Leonard (9/10), and Susan & David Rose (9/11). Hope you enjoy your special celebration day!

Susan Morgan, Meredith and I provided refreshments. Thank you. Next week, Janet Purinton, Eric & Beth Green will be bringing refreshments and serve as greeters.

We had several announcements, including that next Sunday is the last opportunity to sign-up for Disciple Bible class in Bishops Hall; the Maranatha Amish Dinner is scheduled for October 2nd (contact Pam Sherman if you wish to sign up); there is a reunion and open house at Exodus House today, September 6th, 2p to 4p, and all Maranatha members are invited to attend; Signature Symphony, featuring works by our own Rob Reck, will be performing at Asbury UMC on September 19th at 7pm.

David Rose shared that Linda (Nicks) Morrissey, a District Judge, is running for re-election, and he encouraged us to help her in this effort. Contact David or Linda for more information.

Denny Meredith-Orr announced that we will be having another mission opportunity to help serve dinner at Redemption Church on September 26th (contact Denny if you are interested in helping).

Jeanie and Richard Payton joyfully announced that they will become grandparents next February. Paul Staat, who led us in an opening prayer, let us know that he was doing "just fine" after his first chemotherapy treatment.

Lynn Russell gave us an update on the status of her friend, Rick Jacobsen, who was injured in Mexico; not good, he’s suffered a heart attack and is in critical condition.

Karen Campbell led us in a beautiful, meaningful prayer following our Joys and Concerns. Thank you, Karen.

Meredith and I will not be in class next Sunday; personal and business matters will take us out-of-state; but, we’ll be thinking about you. Bob and Lynn Russell, past Presidents will take our place in facilitating the class. Thank you, Bob and Lynn.

Have a great week!

Richard Wansley

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See you at Maranath, Sunday, September 5th!!

Holiday weekend? Yes! Maranatha open for operation on Sunday? Definitely!!

David Carpenter will return to resume our Disciples Bible study; his reading assignment for us is 2 Corinthians, Chapters 8 and 9.

We want and need you, your family and friends at Boston Avenue, Maranatha, this Sunday. See you on Sunday!

Richard Wansley

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