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Good day! Meredith and I missed seeing and communicating with you over the past two Sundays. We were out of town each weekend celebrating the weddings of a friend and family member. It is our understanding that we have "stirring" lessons from Nancy Pittman of Phillips Theological Seminary. Meredith and I regret that we didn’t have the opportunity to hear her presentations and participate in discussions.

Next week, Sunday, October 17th, Maranatha will have a presentation by Lonnie Vaughn who is representing the Tulsa Area Car Care Clinic. The Clinic is an exciting, novel program that has faith-based sponsorship in Tulsa. Ed Payton, a member in our class, suggested the lesson to us, and I feel you’ll be most interested in know more about this mission in our community. Speaking of missions, Suzy and Denny Meredith-Orr are exploring options to reach out, as our own mission opportunity, to support the Car Clinic in the next couple of weeks. More on this from Suzy and Denny later.

On October 24th, our own Beverly North will be our teacher. Her topic will be forwarded to you prior to her lesson.

Bring yourselves, your family, and friends to Maranatha on Sunday !!

Please see an important message below from Kenny King:
"just wanted to let the class know I am finally home from the hospital after almost 2 weeks. had a serious infection and was severly dehydrated. managed to avoid surgery for now. thanks for the prayers.
Kenny King"

Richard Wansley

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