Happy New Year 2 January 2011

Thank you to all those that attended Sunday. A special thanks to the Donleys and the Goodwins for being our Greeters. Another special thanks to all those who brought refreshments.

We would like to welcome our visitors:
Rebecca Allen
Valerie Carpenter
Sara Martin
All are welcome back and any time.

The prayer was given by Shari Goodwin, Thank You.

Thank you to Pam Sherman for keeping the minutes.

January 9th and 16th Dr Joel Panciera will be speaking to us.
January 14th Maranatha is serving at the Day Center for the Homeless. Meeting time is 5:30PM. Contact Sharon to sign up or for more information.
January 23 Richard Wansley. We look forward to having the Wansleys back.
January 26 Will Rogers Romance with Betty and America. Tickets are $10 at the Tulsa Performing Art Center, Williams Theatre.
January 30 Barbara Loyd
Congratulations to our 2011 Officers who started 2 January 2011.

January 2 Jim Griffin
January 3 Amy Snodgrass
January 9 Dr. Joel Panciera

January 2 Doug and Joyce Justice

Joys and Concerns:
Congratulations to Jim McCann on starting a new Law Firm.
Please pray for:
Jane – 2nd surgery to remove cancer
Joey – Baby
Sherman – May his 3rd back surgery be a success.
Danny – That he and his band may be safe on their tour
Beth – Breast Cancer
Sara – Study in Paris

Our lesson was given by William Meyer on Faith. Listed below are the scriptures read during the lesson:
Hebrews 11:1 – 3
Hebrews 11: 5 – 6
Hebrews 11: 8 -12
Ephesians 2:8 – 10
Luke 8: 40 – 56
Luke 7: 1 – 10
James 2: 14 – 24

I look forward to seeing all on Sunday, have a great week.

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