Maranatha Class News – March 4, 2012

We had a good crowd to hear Nancy Day speak this morning. It was great to learn about the important work the OCCJ does in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. We are lucky to have such an organization in our community.

Next Sunday, we look forward to hearing Jeff Jaynes from Restore Hope, a United Methodist Ministry. We understand he is a dynamic speaker and it will be good to learn more about this organization. (Don’t forget to “spring forward” one hour!)

Please put a big red star on your calendar for the following Sunday, March 18, when the head of UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) in New York, will be coming to Tulsa just to speak to us! We have Shari Goodwin to thank for this scheduling coup. Rev. Cynthia Harvey replaced Rev. Stan Dixon after he was killed in the Hotel Montana when the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti. You can read more about her at

Shari said “Rev. Harvey has been wanting to connect with some of the large churches and she will be on her way to Dallas for a General Board of Global Ministries Board of Directors meeting the week of March 20, so she wants to come by here on her way. Rev. Harvey remembered that our church was Bishop Finis Crutchfield’s church and the bishop’s granddaughter, Melissa Crutchfield, now heads the international work for UMCOR. Melissa’s dad is Bishop Charles Crutchfield in Arkansas.”

This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn how our church helps people impacted by tragic circumstances and to connect with our national office on disaster relief. We really hope you’ll plan on being in class that Sunday to welcome this important visitor.

We’ve been wanting to say for some time how wonderful it is to be part of Maranatha. This class has a reputation for being loving and giving to many, but you are also so respectful of those who come to speak to us. It doesn’t matter if the speaker isn’t the most entertaining person on the planet, or if they have a few more stories to share that take us very close to 11am, you have all been respectful and compassionate towards them. Everyone who has spoken to this class this year has remarked on a special feeling they get from this group. Some have described it as “fun,” others as “loving.” We are proud to be members of this class! Thank you for welcoming us when we arrived four years ago, and for accepting us as your presidents this year.

Here’s the news from Maranatha Class this past Sunday . . .

Lisa Tallent and Karen & Art Campbell – Thank you so much for the treats!

Next Week– March 11 – the Carpenters and the Grims


4th Ruth Giessen
6th Kenny King
6th Barbara Loyd
8th Kendall Carpenter

5th Christi & Kraemer Luks

7th Michelle & Kirk Place

10th Pam & John Sherman

David Harp, Karen Harper, Colin Rainey


~ Janet talked about the Note Writing Mission Project – there will now be 2 sessions – after Class at 11am and then at Noon after Church. If you want lunch it will
be just $5 and is being prepared by Sharon and Ethel. Make sure Janet knows if you do NOT wish to have a meal.
~ Allene thanked everyone for helping with the Chili Supper. It looks like we served just over 250. She sent around a Thank You card for the kitchen staff. 3
Cheers for Allene and Rex for their great job coordinating the event!
~ Scott passed around the clipboard for Hosting duties
~ Pam sent the sign up sheet around again for the Dinners for 8 social for March. She will make the assignments

Joys and Concerns
~ Pam shared that John’s mother had moved in with John’s sister and asked for prayers for the family
~ Kendall spoke about the passing of Roy Lewis and what a good friend and supporter he had been for people within the church. Several people recalled his
sending notes of congratulations to people
~ Judith asked for prayers for her friend Kathy who was just diagnosed with leukemia
~ Sharon said her Dad’s surgery last week went well and asked for prayers for his recovery and also for her mother as she tries to balance pending hip
replacement with caring for her husband

Carol Maus lead the class in a wonderful Lenten Prayer

See you next week!

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