Maranatha News from Sunday, July 8

Here’s the news from Maranatha:

Thank you for a good turnout for Rabbi Sherman’s presentation on Midrashim. Midrashim are interpretations of bible stories written by Jewish authors that “fill in the gaps” or add a new perspective to familiar stories. He shared two about Noah and the flood that were very compelling and thought-provoking. We were honored to host him before his retirement, and thank Angie Dale for her help in arranging his visit.

David Carpenter will be speaking the next two Sundays on “Angels.” I’m intrigued!

We were well-fed by the Morgans and the Grims. Next week our hosts will be the Maus’ and Shermans. There are still openings for hosting, so some Sundays, we may have less food than usual.

Thanks to Jim Embrey for a great prayer.


8 Patty Barnes

11 Frieda Reck

11 Linda Reid


8 Mary and Patrick Bones

8 Carol and Dave Grim

9 Patti and Gary Smith


Our second brunch will take place the last Sunday in July.

Collection of toiletries for Operation Hope continues through July.

Maranatha will serve at Redemption on Sunday, July 29 and at the Day Center Friday, Aug 10.

Pam’s plan for the August social is dinner and a visit to the Aquarium. Date TBD.

Jim Embrey reported on the work at Joanie Hatleys, and again solicited project ideas for DT4G.

July is Mission Emphasis Month and items collected the 15th go to Child Share-Circle of Care.

Tickets are on sale now for the entertaining and spectacular “Pirates of Penzance!” We now accept credit cards!

Joys and Concerns:

Allene Donley reported that Nitty and John Sonder send greetings from Ft. Worth.

Pam Sherman’s first great-granddaughter, Kenzie Nicole Marie, was born healthy last week.

Melanie Shepard’s sister Valerie is hospitalized.

The mother of a friend of Debbie Jacoby’s is also hospitalized.

Martha Blevins asks for a prayer that the right thing will happen at the right time.

Richard Wansley reported that their four year old grandson, Lucas, is enjoying his first solo visit to Tulsa.

Kendall Carpenter announced Valerie’s new job at Laureate, counseling adolescent eating disorders. Congrats, Valerie!

See you next Sunday!

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