E-mail from Paul Staat

My family and I are speechless with gratitude for the loving
kindnesses and generosity all of you have expressed.  I am humbled
with wonder as to why I should demand such attention. There are so
many others in Maranatha, Roundtable, and other classes who have had
similar medical issues as I have presently. You all always find
profound ways to lift up, to energize, to affirm. Mary, Kate and I
thank you from the bottom of our heart.

I will receive the whole picture of what will be happening on Monday.
My oncologist Dr. Stephan Lynch. Good doctor I understand. Lots of
experience. Know that I have every confidence in a good outcome. With
an ever present, gracious, loving God, amazing family, and a faith
community of friends second to none, how much better could it get.
I’ll keep you in the loop via Mary or email.

By the way, one little correction, Mary and Kate will probably wear
masks and gloves at the hospital, not sure yet about home. That’s to
find out Monday.

Blessings and Peace to you my good good friends.

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