1 March 2015, Maranatha, newsletter


Good to see everyone! I know it is very tricky to get out in this type of weather and it isn’t easy driving around on the slick streets. We had a good showing for Dr. Biggs and I/we really enjoyed his first class today. Remember we will have the audio uploaded as soon as we can.

Attached you will see:

1. Newsletter
2. Rebecca Allen’s wedding picture
3. Dr. Biggs class notes (from the dry erase board) follow along with the audio
4. Dr. Biggs bio (last posting)

Thanks for all you do in the name of Christ. Do good things whenever you can, fight hate with Love – it isn’t easy, but it works.

Peace, Health and Happiness,


Maranatha Newsletter, 1 Mar 2015.pdf

Rebecca Allen.pdf

Dr. Biggs, class notes attachment.pdf

Mouzon Biggs Bio, March 2015.pdf

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