Maranatha Newsletter for Oct 15th


Here is the newsletter for October 15th.

Our third lesson on the prophets was given by Dr. Biggs today. The discussion was about the prophets Elijah and Isaiah.
He will continue on for the next two Sundays.

See you next Sunday!

Dan B.

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Dee Dueck is doing well

Some of you may have read in this week’s WORD that Dee Dueck was in the hospital. She is OK and will be at our sign in table tomorrow. She had an experience of fainting and was admitted to the hospital for observation. It appears to be related to high blood pressure and she is taking following Doctor’s orders, etc. to address any issues. I expect many of you and including me have experienced the random effects when our blood pressure rises and we are often not aware it is happening nor why it is happening.

Dee and I agreed that I should let you know to avoid a log jam at the sign in table tomorrow by you asking Dee about her experience. As you know, we are having high attendance and guests coming to hear Dr. Bigg’s teachings. I appreciate everyone getting to a seat this Sunday before Richard Wansley provides the prayer at 9:45 a.m.

Thanks for all you do for Maranatha and the church,


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Message from Jim Griffin


I just received great news. I will be in the new cancer drug study at Moffitt in Tampa. I will be one of 6 here and one of 200 nationally. Options were running out for me so this was indeed good news. I don’t know the routine yet but expect to be tied to Moffitt for a few weeks. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

I want to thank everyone for praying for me. It worked — again, can’t beat those prayers..

Best regards

Jim Griffin

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Maranatha Newsletter for October 8th

Good day Maranatha!

Here is the newsletter for the 8th of October.

Dr. Biggs continued his lesson series this Sunday talking about the days of the Kings. He will be back to continue next Sunday.

Hopefully we’ll see you then!

Dan B.

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Michael Cabellero

Mike is having emergency surgery to remove a septic hall bladder this morning.. Please pray for a speedy recovery.

Pam Sherman

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Dan Blevins’ Mother


Please keep my mother (Joanie) in your thoughts this week. We had to take her to St. Johns ER on Thursday with severe hip pain and trouble swallowing/eating.
She has been admitted to the hospital and is still very uncomfortable. We hope to know on Monday what the plan of action is for treatment.

Thank you,
Dan B.

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Maranatha Newsletter for Oct. 1st


It’s time again for your weekly newsletter.

Dr. Mouzon Biggs started his series on the prophets this Sunday. He will be with us for all of October.

Hope you have a great week!

Dan B.

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Cisco’s family in Puerto Rico

On Thursday, Cisco finally got word that his 3 sisters, one brother and their families are OK and survived the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico. They live in various parts of the island and it took a great deal of time and effort to get word of their safety. It will be a long recovery. Please lift them up in your prayers.


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Maranatha Newsletter for September 24th


Here is your newsletter for the last Sunday in September. Hard to believe that we’re heading into the final few months of the year.

Joel gave his last of three lessons on Spiritual Gifts.
Our all-star lineup continues next week when Dr. Biggs will be our teacher. He will be with us for the whole month of October speaking on The Prophets.

Have a great week!

Dan B.

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A Joy & Concern from Charlotte Rowe

The joy is that my brother-in-law, Darrell, who has been undergoing chemotherapy all summer, has been given a clean bill of health – no cancer is apparent at this time. So prayers were answered! My concern is for my brother, Rex, who has a bad aortic valve and also, has two blockages. The doctors are doing two bypasses and a valve replacement on Friday so please keep him in your prayers.

Thank you, Charlotte Rowe

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