Opportunity Offer from Jim & Julee Embrey


I was speaking with a few of the fellas from Maranatha recently on Zoom and we want to continue our weekly Maranatha Men’s meeting to continue fellowship (birds of the same feather) for strength and support.

We are now adapting to the current social safety constraints due to COVID-19 by using Zoom for our meeting location, every Tuesday at 11:30 AM. All are welcome whether you stay a few minutes or longer. We also pass on info in regards to supporting BAUMC in their everyday effort to maintain and support all of BAUMC members on a broader scale/scope.

Find the link on our Class Member Page

I would appreciate it if you would approve this request and please forward to the Maranatha Class at your convenience. The above link is password protected and is embedded. I will change the meeting ID on a regular basis and as needed.

Peace to all,


Jim Embrey

“I have told several chemistry jokes, but I never get a reaction”

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Next Maranatha Virtual Class Meeting: EASTER SUNDAY


Just a reminder that we’ll be meeting on Zoom again this week at 10:15 on Sunday Morning. Special thanks to Ed Payton for hosting our first online meeting. Roger Rowe will be hosting this week.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the link from last week’s meeting. Our new link was e-mailed to the class list on Wednesday. You can find it on the Class Member Page:

Find the link on our Class Member Page

We’ve changed this link to include an embedded password to reduce our chances of being hacked by outside parties.

Accordingly, this link should not be published or shared anywhere that makes it publicly available. This includes Facebook and other social media sites.

Our intent is to re-use this same link week after week but we’ll need to change it again if it is leaked.

See you Sunday! God Bless all of you and your families.


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Jan Figart, Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa

Those present for today’s presentation by Jan Figart, Associate Director of the Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa, showed interest in learning more about her topic, “Who We Are.” She brought demographic, economic, and other statistical information to show how Tulsa’s population can be characterized, as well as identify some interesting and important trends. For those who would like to access it, here is the file of her PowerPoint presentation, Community Profile 2013 Tulsa County. The audio portion has been uploaded to the Maranatha page on Boston Avenue’s web site, which should be visible beginning Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 at:  http://www.bostonavenue.org/maranatha.html

Jan gave the web address for the Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa as:  http://csctulsa.org

Her profile may be found at:  http://www.csctulsa.org/content.php?p=255


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Dietrich Bonhoeffer – a Short Bio, by Ron Marsh

View this document on Scribd

Downloadable files of the presenation:

To listen to the audio portion of Ron Marsh’s presentation, given in class last Sunday, locate the January 8, 2012 recording link at http://www.bostonavenue.org/maranatha.html.

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I hope all of you had a good holiday season. Remember this Sunday January 1 2012 will be Brunch. The Meredith-Orrs will not be in attendance to allow Denny more time to heal from knee surgery. That being said, I will be the facilitator this Sunday. It has been suggested by Beverly North that the class purchase new table cloths (12 round Table Cloths).
If anyone would like to be a Class Hero, you are welcome to take this task on.
So, bring your favorited dishes and lets eat.

Hope to see all on Sunday


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From Bob and the Thomas Families

Thank you for the message. As far as food and that type of thing we’re in great shape. We have been blessed with a wonderful father, who lived a great life with health issues only surfacing relatively recently. We are blessed to have many of our families holding him to the end. We know the holidays are filled with family rituals, plans, travel, etc. and it is important to us that people are with their families in the way that they have planned.  The church has been gracious in allowing us an early Christmas Eve memorial, which will help bring closure to many friends and our family. In the spirit of Christmas it just seems fitting to us to celebrate rebirth and birth in this way and in many ways to us will make future Christmas Eve’s and Christmas Day’s be that much more special for us in remembering Dad. The service will be followed with a short time to see the family in the parlor and with the same opportunity at Bill’s home immediately thereafter. Virtually no one in our family will be changing travel plans and certainly that is our hope with friends and acquaintances as well. This is Christmas, after all.  Our real hope is that those who feel drawn to the service are welcome, but others know that we are blessed in many ways, so that  a prayer or a card in lieu of this service is more than appropriate. Thanks to all for the warm embrace of thoughts and prayers.
Bob and the Thomas families

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2012 Class Officers

President: Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr
Vice President for Funds:  Bob Russell, Mary Elliot, Bill Gertsen, Gabriele Blankenship
Vice President For Missions: Richard and Meredith Wansley
Secretary:  Karen Campbell
Treasurer: Kevin Meehan
Reporter: John Sherman
Carenatha: Janet Purinton, Judith Payton
Social Event Chairs:  Pam Sherman
Food and Greeter Chairs: Debra Morgan
Auction Chairs: Lynn Russell and Company
Chilli Supper Chairs:  Rex and Allene Donley
Historian: Pam Low

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Auction List

William, the attached is a list of the auction items for the Christmas Party.  Please circulate to the class so people that can’t attend the party can bid.  Thanks, Pam

The following is the link to download the document, which is in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 format.

Auction Items

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Sunday 4 December

Our speaker this Sunday is Richard Wansley

Greeters and Refreshments:
Set up: Richard and Meredith Wansley
Clean Up: Bill Gertsen

December Birthdays:
6 Shari Goodwin

Our Speaker for Sunday 11 December
Martha Blevins

Greeters and Refreshments for Sunday 11 December
Set up: Ed and Judith Payton
Clean up: Rex and Allene Donely

ELECTIONS for 2012 Officers continues. Planning for 2012 continues – What class activities and speakers do you want to see in 2012?

Tuesday 6 December: Neighbor for Neighbor Santa Night. Sign up available is class

Tuska Mission Sign up available in class.

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless
Family Room & Playground Holiday Wish List
inside small cars, big trucks-indoor or out door, small baby dolls, 5X8 indoor-outdoor rugs, chunky Fisher Price Little People, building toys, outdoor riding toys, outdoor playground items. See: http://www.walmart.com/giftregistry/gr_detail.do?registry_id=80522610073 or search by name first-Tulsa Day Center

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless
Men’s & Women’s Community Wish List
jackets & coats, shoes, scarves, hat & gloves socks, & underwear, warm shirts, sweaters, jeans warm pants, towels, snack food, cereal, drink mixes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, paperback books

For More information or to set a date to celebrate with Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Please contact: Debra Dester, Volunteer Coordinator, Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, 415 W Archer Tulsa OK 74103, Phone: 918-583-5588×218

There are residents at Methodist Manor who do not have family to spend the holidays with. If anyone is willing to buy a small gift and visit with these residents Please contact Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr.

Redemption Church is collecting gifts for children whose parent is incarcerated. Each child is provided a number which should be appended to the gift. Gift must be $25 or less.

Meals on Wheels: There is an emergency need for volunteers to work in the kitchen at Centenary United Methodist during the month of December. Deliveries to the homebound are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Food Handlers work from 8AM to 10AM and may choose to work only one day in the month or once each week. People are also needed to assist the site coordinator with the overall running of the kitchen. The site coordinator works from 8AM to 12PM. For more information please contact Cathy Perlingiere Meals on Wheels of Metro Tulsa Director of Volunteer Services 2620 E 31st Street Tulsa, OK 74146, Office 918-627-4103, Fax: 918-663-8914, Email: cperlingiere(at)atlasok.com, http://www.mealsonwheeltulsa.org, http://www.facebook.com/MOWTulsa

Restore Hope 2011 Christmas Sponsors: Restore Hope Ministries is looking for “Family Sponsors”. Sponsors will be matched with an RHM client family. Sponsors will have the opportunity to meet and personally express God’s love with Christmas gifts and food. Individuals, families, work or church groups may request one or more families to sponsor. Please call 918-582-5766 to be matched with a family or become a family sponsor before 16 December. Restore Hope Ministries 2960 Charles Page Blvd Tulsa OK 74127-8318, http://www.restorehope.org

Restore Hope Family Sponsorship Offering: Restore Hope’s “Family Sponsorship Fund” provides direct assistance to families in financial crisis. Our troubled economy is forcing record numbers of families to seek rent and food assistance from Restore Hope. A gift to the “Family Sponsorship Fund” will feed and house our neighbors who are struggling to make ends meet. The average aid per family is currently $450. Please prayerfully consider supporting this vital mission opportunity. Make your gift payable to Restore Hope Ministries for: “Family Sponsorship Fund” or Donate Online at http://www.restorehope.org, click “Christmas Family Sponsorship”. Restore Hope Ministries 2960 Charles Page Blvd Tulsa OK 74127-8318, http://www.restorehope.org

Boston Avenue United Methodist Church and John Burroughs Elementary School Partner’s In Education since 1999. Burroughs Elementary 1924 North Cincinnati Ave Tulsa OK. Student population is approximately 363 with the school at 99% poverty. In 2007, was name the Title 1 Distinguished School. This school year Burroughs has added 6th Grade and ED class.
Ways you can support Burroughs Elementary:
1. Be a mentor through the Big Brother and Big Sisters School Based Program
2. Pick an apple from the Apple Tree and fill the request.
3. Provide funding for special projects through our Boston Avenue and Burroughs Together Account
4. Provide any of the following items:
Ongoing Needs of Burroughs Elementary
Copy Paper, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizers, Box tops for Education, child size socks, Gloves, Belts, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Children’s games and puzzles, Prize items for Incentive Store. Children’s uniform pants and shirts: Khakis or Navy Pants, Red, Yellow or White collared shirts (in size extra small, 3T, 4T, 5T)
Upcoming Events:
Mid Year School Supply Drive – January 2012
Snacks for Spring Testing – April 2012
Test Monitors – April 2012
Teachers Appreciation – May 2012
For more information please contact: Reverend Eva Marie Campbell, 918-699-0120 evamariecampbell(at)bostonavenue.org or Principle Michell Cullom, 918-833-8780 cullomi(at)tulsaschools.org

Maranatha Christmas Party is Saturday December 10 at 6PM at the Tulsa Country Club. Cost is $25.00 per person. The price change is due to a class vote to remove ordure’s from the menu.

Maranatha Auction, 10 December – We are needing people to Submit Auction Forms. Our goal is to raise $10,000. We are needing Bid Takers and a laptop.

I hope to see all on Sunday.


More Auction News

More auction news.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: janet purinton
Date: Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 9:41 AM

A group of us handed in a Utica Square party for the fifth night concerts.
Michelle should have the form. We gave it to her on Sunday.


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