2016 Class Officers

President: Jim McCann

VP Curriculum: Michelle Place

VP Finance: Bob Russell/Jim Embrey/Dave Grim/Karen Campbell (Emerita)/2016 President

VP Missions: Glenna Arnott/Jim Embrey

Social: Dale/Maldonado/Campbell/Payton (Jeannie and Judith)

Auction: Judith and Ed Payton

Attendance taker(s)/Secretary: Sharon Earley

Refreshments: Debbie and Scot Morgan

Reporter: Meredith Davison-Wansley

Caranatha: Carol and Dave Grim

Chili Supper: Jim & Julee Embrey

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

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2015 Class Officers

President: Jim Embrey

VP Curriculum: Michelle Place

VP Finance: Grim/Campbell/Blankenship

VP Missions: Rex Donley & Roger Rowe

Social: Dale/Maldonado/Solomon/Campbell/Payton

Auction: Richard and Meredith Wansley

Greeter/Refreshments: Debbie and Scott Morgan

Reporter: Sharon Earley

Secretary: Carol and David Grim

Caranatha: Lynn Jessee-Russell, Nancy Christy, Karen Harris and Patti Smith

Chili Supper: Nancy and Joey Manduano

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

2012 Class Officers

President: Denny and Suzy Meredith-Orr
Vice President for Funds:  Bob Russell, Mary Elliot, Bill Gertsen, Gabriele Blankenship
Vice President For Missions: Richard and Meredith Wansley
Secretary:  Karen Campbell
Treasurer: Kevin Meehan
Reporter: John Sherman
Carenatha: Janet Purinton, Judith Payton
Social Event Chairs:  Pam Sherman
Food and Greeter Chairs: Debra Morgan
Auction Chairs: Lynn Russell and Company
Chilli Supper Chairs:  Rex and Allene Donley
Historian: Pam Low

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Class Officers – 2010

Presidents: Richard and Meredith Wansley

Vice Presidents for Funds: Bob Russell, Sharon Earley, Bill Gertsen, Shari Goodwin

Vice Presidents for Missions: Suzy and Denny Meredith-Orr

Secretary: Sharon Earley

Treasurer: Kevin Meehan

Reporter: Lynn Russell

Chairs: CARE-anatha: Karen Campbell, Barbara Meehan

Chair: Social Events: Pam Sherman

Chair: Food and Greeters: Beverly North

Chairs: Auction: Michelle Place, Lynn Russell

Historian: Pam Low

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