Dec 10 Auction Update

From: Michelle Place
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2011 5:24 PM

Dear Class,

We have had a few more forms for auction items turned in and have heard several rumblings of potential items. Anything you could send me Friday would be great so that I could organize them prior to leaving town for 8 days. After Friday, you will need to contact Pam Sherman.

Here is what we have so far:

Live Auction Items:
A Chili & Blues Party,
Super Bowl Party, Witching for Unmarked Graves in the Perryman Cemetery followed by rooftop beverages,
another Gourmet Dinner for 24 people,
Dinner for 4 at Juniper’s,
an Outdoor Movie Night,
A week in a Chicago apartment

Silent Auction Items:
2 handmade somethings from Beverly North, 1 Christmas quilt & 1 other quilt, 12 months of PC maintenance, 2 tickets to Fiddler on the Roof, a dog bed & toys. Please bring your silent auction items the night of the event but having the form ahead of time would be helpful.

If you are unable to attend the party on Saturday, Dec 10, consider finding someone to bid for you. Also, cash contributions are certainly accepted. Invoices will be produced and distributed to bidders.

Again, Friday is my deadline and after that, any auction forms need to go to Pam Sherman. I’ll be thinking of the party and praying for its success while I am out of town. Remember that all proceeds go to missions inside the church and in our community.

Michelle Place

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Maranatha Auction

Our Annual Christmas Party and auction are quickly approaching.   If you have put this creative and organizational task off, please take some time to move it up on your to do list.  Kirk and I leave town on Saturday and will be gone all the week before the auction.  If I could get this organized before I leave, my committee members would be less stressed about their own to do lists.  Use these links for the auction form – in PDF and in Microsoft Word.
Please email to mplacetul(at)

We will auction all parties or gatherings in the live auction and “things” will be silent.

So far we have the following items to auction:

1.        Super Bowl Party in February
2.       Witching for Unmarked Graves at the Perryman Cemetery followed by beverages & appetizers on El Guapo’s rooftop in April
3.       Chili & Blues party

Silent Auction – I didn’t look closely at the items
1.        2 handmade items by Beverly North
2.       Something rolled up like a print or poster

Michelle Place, Lynn Russell, Pam Sherman & Nancy Morgan

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Roster and email update request

Please look over your information in the class roster and email list for 2012. Let me know if there are additions, deletions, corrections, etc.  Also, if everything is okay, please let me know.
If you can’t open the files, give me a call. Please respond to my home email address pglow(at) or call 918-749-3166.

Pam Low

From Barbara (who posted this on our blog) – To access these pdf files that Pam sent out as attachments to the class email last week, go to our password-protected Class Member Page. If you need help with the password, check with one of the class officers, Pam, or me.

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Neighbor for Neighbor

Neighbor for Neighbor is having their Santa night again this year. For those who went last year, you know it is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and sharing. If you have never been to Santa night at Neighbor For Neighbor I strongly encourage you to attend this year. See email and attachment below.


— Forwarded Message —
From: Ann Smith
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 8:43 AM
Subject: Maranatha – Neighbor for Neighbor

NFN was having its Children’s “Night with Santa” event again this year.  I have attached a flyer.   NFN would love for your Sunday School Class to participate again.   A “Night with Santa” is going to be December 5th-8th.  Please let me know if your class might be interested again this year.  They really were great last year.


Ann Nicholson Smith
Executive Director – Neighbor for Neighbor
505 East 36th Street North
Tulsa , Oklahoma 74106-1812
(918) 425-5578 #101

<a href="2011 Santa Days Poster“>Click here to download the pdf file that William sent as an attachment.

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Upcoming Speakers

Wonderful news from Paul Staat.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Paul Staat
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 3:27 PM
Subject: RE: Upcoming Speakers

I will do November 27th. Topic: God’s grace.

Rev. Paul D. Staat,  M.A.M.C.
The Boston Avenue Church – United Methodist
1301 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma  74119
(918) 583-5181 Ext. 133

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Michelle Place
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 1:10 PM
Subject: RE: Next Sundays Speaker and December Speakers


I had a cancellation for Nov 20 & 27.  I will take the 20th .  I’m still working on the 27th and will let you know.

11/20/11      Michelle Place – Parable of the Wheat & the Tares
11/27/11      ?
12/04/11      Richard Wansley
12/11/11        Martha Blevins
12/18/11       Carol Maus
12/25/11       No Class
01/01/12      Brunch
01/08/12      Sheila Parr – Spirituality
01/15/12       Sheila Parr – Spirituality
01/22/12      Sue Venable – King James
01/29/12      Sue Venable – King James

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Christmas Auction Forms

Michelle Place has provided the form for this year’s Christmas Auction form in excel & pdf. Click on the appropriate link to download a form to your computer.

She writes:

I will have 35 copies with me on Sunday.  These can
either be returned to me in class or via email to mplacetul(at)
NOT AT MY address.

(Substitute the @ symbol for “(at)” in the above email address.)

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No Sunday School on Christmas Day

I received a message from Debbie Peterson, there WILL NOT be Sunday School on Christmas Day. The only service on Christmas Day is at 11AM.
My apologies for the confusion.


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Christmas Memories

For those that plan on coming to Sunday School and the 11AM Service on Christmas Day, we will have Brunch and Share Christmas Memories. If anyone would like to organizes the Christmas Memories please let me know?



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Fifth Sunday Brunch

Remember, this Sunday 30 October is our Fifth Sunday Brunch. So, bring your appetite and your favorite Brunch dish. I still have not received any Theme suggestions, therefore we will use the decorations in the

We will have a short 10 to 15 minute presentation after everyone is seated.


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Election for 2012 Officers

Here is a list of our current Class Officers for 2011L

President: William Meyer

Curriculum Coordinator: Michelle Place

Vice Presidents for Funds: Bob Russell, Sharon Earley, Bill Gertsen, Lynn Goodwin, Jim Embrey, Mary Elliott

Secretary: Barbara Loyd

Treasurer: Kevin Meehan

Reporter: Bethany Willyard

Chairs-Caranatha: Karen Campbell, Barbara Meehan

Chairs-Social Events: Paula and Skip Scott

Chairs-Food and Greeter: Johnnie Romo, Beverly North

Chairs- Auction: Michelle Place, Lynn Russell, Pam Sherman, Gabriele Blankenship

Chairs-Chili Supper: Suzy and Denny Meredith-Orr

Historian: Pam Low

Elections for 2012 Class Officers will begin October 23 at 9:30AM and conclude December 18 at 10:45AM.

For those who are unhappy with that, let us keep in mind that Christmas is on a Sunday this year. Whether we have Sunday School and Church on Christmas or not, I don’t think we will make much progress Christmas Day, aka: low attendance. As I said in class and will now say again, for those who are unhappy with the current officers (We know you’re out there) here is your chance to sign up for Office and show us how, and possibly set a standard for future Officers.

In short make your voice and presence known during the Election!

I will not be running for Office in 2012. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, I’m very grateful.



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