Election for 2012 Officers

Here is a list of our current Class Officers for 2011L

President: William Meyer

Curriculum Coordinator: Michelle Place

Vice Presidents for Funds: Bob Russell, Sharon Earley, Bill Gertsen, Lynn Goodwin, Jim Embrey, Mary Elliott

Secretary: Barbara Loyd

Treasurer: Kevin Meehan

Reporter: Bethany Willyard

Chairs-Caranatha: Karen Campbell, Barbara Meehan

Chairs-Social Events: Paula and Skip Scott

Chairs-Food and Greeter: Johnnie Romo, Beverly North

Chairs- Auction: Michelle Place, Lynn Russell, Pam Sherman, Gabriele Blankenship

Chairs-Chili Supper: Suzy and Denny Meredith-Orr

Historian: Pam Low

Elections for 2012 Class Officers will begin October 23 at 9:30AM and conclude December 18 at 10:45AM.

For those who are unhappy with that, let us keep in mind that Christmas is on a Sunday this year. Whether we have Sunday School and Church on Christmas or not, I don’t think we will make much progress Christmas Day, aka: low attendance. As I said in class and will now say again, for those who are unhappy with the current officers (We know you’re out there) here is your chance to sign up for Office and show us how, and possibly set a standard for future Officers.

In short make your voice and presence known during the Election!

I will not be running for Office in 2012. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, I’m very grateful.



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