Prayer Request–Lee Anne Nichols

A prayer request from Lee Anne Nichols:

This is Lee Anne Nichols. I could use a prayer. I have asthma and a condition I have never heard of voice box syndrome. I have not felt well for months and have had a odd set of symptoms that did not go together. The flaps in my voice box cover my airway so I can’t get air in and out and am not getting oxygen to my body in a normal way. Symptoms are short of breath, "air hunger", muscle cramping (lactic acid buildup), fatigue, problems talking, etc. Anything triggers my voice box to obstruct my airway.

This is not an immune reaction but a mechanical obstruction. I have not gone any where much because of the problems. I am working. I was in the hospital briefly. There is treatment for it and I anticipate it will get better. Living with it is difficult at the moment until I get it under control.

The reason I have not been at Sunday School is because of illness. Please put me on the prayer list. This is a very strange illness and even as a nurse not something I know much about.


Lee Anne

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