Class notes for 3 May 2015

Thank you Mary for covering the class for me. I appreciate it very much.

The following are prayers and joys from class yesterday:

Don Forsman’s memorial service is Monday, 4 May at 3 p.m. He passed last week. He is a retired UM minister and has taught our class many times.

Continued prayers for the Mike Caballero’s family whose home was burned last week. A cousin is in the hospital with severe burns.

Grant Carpenter, son of Kendall and David, graduates from OU law school and has a job in Tulsa. Congratulations to him.

Joy from Jim and Julee Embrey. Thank you Mary & Clark and all others for the party on Saturday (May 2)to help me celebrate my retirement from the Air Force. Not everyone could make it due to other matters and that is fine and don’t worry about it. I, along with my family, know we are in your prayers and are loved by you all. I am looking forward to the next "38 years" with you all.

Other Notes:

1. Angie will be managing the class on 10 May for me. I am having out patient surgery (sinus) and it requires "not moving" for a few days. Oh yeah, a very large head ache afterwards, but the end game is worth it!

2. Joel Panciera will be our speaker 10 May; Scott Morgan for the 17th.

3. Mission dudes have a mission for us on the 8th of May for the Day Center for the Homeless; this is a low effort/high impact mission for our community. It is good stuff.

4. Julee and I updated the erase board with current info, to include the bulletin boards.

5. April average attendance is 80.

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