Teacher Survey

Dear Maranatha:

Attached is a list of the speakers for 2015. Now is your chance for some input for the 2016 lineup. Feel free to send me any comments regarding additional speakers you would like to see and I’m willing to entertain comments if there were any you would rather not have for a while. I’m happy to keep your suggestions confidential. Feel free to suggest other class members. I know there are a number of my favorite speakers in our very own class and they might say yes, if I can tell them they have been requested.

Phillips Seminary has asked that if any of their faculty members are invited, that we include at least one other class to join us. Diana Grigg, who is in the Pilgrimage Class and on staff at Phillips, will be coordinating those invitations for us.

Dr. Biggs will teach Maranatha in July.

David Wiggs will be with or Class in October.

September will be the church wide study of a yet to be determined book. Since our class had already booked speakers for that month in 2015, we only had a two week Missional Renaissance study. Please give me your feedback as to whether Maranatha wants to participate in the 2016 church wide study for:

No Weeks

Two Weeks

Four Weeks

Again, your input is very important as we strive to provide meaningful lessons to Maranatha.

S. Michelle Place

Maranatha 2015 Teaching schedule.xls

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