Update on Paul Staat, as of 5 December 2015

See below from Mary. I can do the fan/light assembly and washers, but would like a helper on these projects.

Let me know,

Jim Embrey

From Mary Staat:

Here’s the update.

They are probably just keeping Paul 4 days this time. Probably going home Tuesday morning’ish. Then back for another round right after right after Christmas.

Is there anyone able to install a ceiling fan? I’m going today to buy a new light and fan for our kitchen. Old one died a couple of weeks ago and haven’t had time till today to think about it. We also need a washer replace on bathtub faucet and kitchen faucet and kitchen faucet tightened.


PS Paul said it’s ok to ask. He’s not been and not goin to be in shape to do it for a while.

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