Maranatha newsletter, 13 December 2015

Hello all,

Merry Christmas to all. Attached you will find our weekly newsletter and other attachments of interest.

A couple of notes of interest:

1. Please pay Susie and/or Mark Butterworth your auction purchases as soon as possible, we really want to start the 2016 season off strong. Our first distribution of funds should be in March.

2. Thank you to Judith and Ed Payton for volunteering to be our 2016 Auctioneers/managers. Mark your calendar for 2 December 2016!

2.a. We still need a volunteer to fill the Mission manager position. This is a great job to meet others and see Christians in action. Remember, we will all be helping you.

3. Roger and I installed the fan for the Staat’s. We referred them to a plumber and the Maranatha Love Offering covered the cost $158 to pay for the repair. A lot cheaper than we anticipated. Next will be their furnace pre-winter check out. More later.

4. Miss Oliva Jordan Thomas will be representing the USA in the Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas on 20 December. The Thomas’s will be in Las Vegas to watch the show, look for them on TV. The show will be aired on Fox 23, 6-9PM, 20 December. See attached for some info on Olivia.

5. Please help PAM LOW up date our Maranatha roster for accuracy. She works hard on this project, but needs your input to ensure we have accurate info. Please email her to give her your updates.

6. Please provide feedback to Michelle Place on speakers you would like to hear from and what you thought of the speakers we have had so far. It is important to her and us that we measure our class what works and what doesn’t work. Michelle spends a lot of time on this volunteer job and it would be helpful to her to gauge her success so far.



Maranatha Newsletter, 13 Dec 2015.pdf

Roger and Kathy at Circle of Care, 11 December 2015.pdf

Thank you note to Maranatha.pdf

Advent schedule for 2015.pdf

Restore Hope Thanksgiving & Christmas drive, 2015.pdf

BAUMC Greeters info, 2015.pdf

BAUMC Greeters info, 2015.pdf

2016 Maranatha Officers.pdf

Olivia Jordan Thomas.pdf

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