Maranatha Newsletter

Hey, friends:

Attached you will find this week’s newsletter. A few things to note:

*** As a result of a tremendous turnout (63 people! Hot diggety!), we are changing the timing slightly for our Culture and Cuisine Social Event this Friday, March 4th. We will meet first at the Jenks Planetarium, 205 E. "B" Street, Jenks, (housed on the 3rd floor of the new Math & Science building on the Central Campus) at 6:00 Friday. After viewing the presentation on the Sistine Chapel, we will then adjourn to the Tres Amigos Restaurant at 81st & Lewis in the Plaza Shopping Center at 7:15. We had to change restaurants because Los Cabos could only accommodate half of our number and Tres Amigos can seat us all. You may recall that we ate there when we did the Oldie-wed Game as our social. This is a terrific group of people, but we will have more fun if YOU are there, so contact Karen Campbell if your plans change and you can join us!

*** Shari Goodwin has been cleaning out files and has generously placed a number of wonderful pictures on the back table in our classroom. All of them contain members of Maranatha (or our adorable children at various ages), so if you see one that involves someone that you love, feel free to take it to enjoy. Note – I believe I have deftly snagged all of the offending pictures that show Molleigh in her unfortunate perm as a small child, so I would appreciate it if none of you would remind her about that parental mistake on my part.

***Class members generous donated $200 as a love offering to Sharon Cambridge yesterday, to thank her for her hard work on our recent Chili Supper. It will be presented to her, along with a signed card, this week on her 77th birthday.

Have a wonderful week and try to join us on Friday for the Sistine Chapel and sopapillas, if you can.

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.

(918) 638-2353


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