Request for assistance for James Kilman’s family

Dear Maranatha Class:

I have been asked to notify you that if anyone would like to make a memorial donation in James’ memory in lieu of flowers, please call Brenda Reed at the church. I believe the memorial donation would be the family’s preference.

Our class has also been asked to provide meals for the family starting tomorrow. Carol Grim is getting additional details on the meal needs and then will provide that information. We may be asked to provide a funeral lunch as well, and are waiting on a call back from Rev. Tankersley to confirm whether our class will be doing so. As soon as I have that information, I will update you immediately.

Thank you so much for your continuing compassion and flexibility as information becomes available during this difficult time.


(918) 638-2353

PLEASE use my Hall Estill address to email me so that I may respond to you more quickly.

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