Exodus House Work This Weekend

Hey, Maranatha Friends:

Sharon Earley asked that I forward to you the following email:

Can you please pass the following information on to the Maranatha class? Thanks.

I’m pleased to pass on that Lee-Lee arrived safely at her Dad’s place in Georgia on Monday. She wants to thank the class for all the love and support she received during her time with us. She and her Dad are very happy to be back together.

Now that Lee-Lee has moved, it is time for us to focus on actively getting the apartment ready for our next resident (or two!). The carpet will be cleaned on Wednesday, and I’d like to spend time Sunday and Monday of Labor Day Weekend getting the apartment ready. I’m in need of a few volunteers to help make sure the place is nice and clean – clean the bathroom and kitchen, wash dishes, wash windows, sort through and store donated items, etc. Fortunately, Jason will be able to help with the heavy lifting as we pick up and bring furniture in. If you can help in any way, please give me a call at 918-492-1803. That’s my home number so either Jason will answer or you can leave a message. I’ll give you a call back when I’m home.

Also, thanks to everyone that signed up to bring items for the apartment. Lots of things have been brought to class, but I haven’t had a chance to go through them to see if there are any outstanding items. if you signed up to bring something and will be in town on Sunday, Sept 4, please try to bring it to class that day. Or you can give me a buzz and i may be able to pick it up.


Sharon R Earley
Managing Consultant – Accounting Research
Williams Midstream

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