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Hey, Maranatha friends:

As we teeter on the edge of a holiday weekend, there are a couple of fun things that I wanted to bring to your attention. First, this Sunday will be another holiday brunch for us, and, in keeping with our practice this year of hosting other classes for our holiday brunches so we have opportunities for fellowship with great church members that we rarely get to see, we are hosting the LIving the Questions Class. So bring your best brunch treats and enjoy talking to fun folks during the brunch hour.

Secondly, for the second year in a row, September has been designated the "All Church Study" at the request of the church staff. That means all adult classes will be studying the same material at the same time throughout September. Many classes are banding together to study the curriculum, to make it more festive. The book this year is Five Marks of a Methodist. We scurried around early and secured Dr. Joel Panciera as our teacher for the material, since we know he is a great instructor. We are teaming up with the Living the Questions Class, so they will be sitting in with us during the month of September to hear Joel teach these lessons. Please make them feel warmly welcomed, as only Maranatha can do. We’ll get started right on time each week, since rumor has it Joel has that choir gig . . .

So have a great week, and an even better holiday weekend, and hopefully spend part of it with us.

Remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


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