Drive-In Movie Social Event CANCELLED/Unique schedule for this Sunday

Hey, friends:

In light of the fact that the forecast for tomorrow night is rain, rain and possible need for an ark, the Social Committee has regretfully determined that we need to cancel tomorrow’s planned social event to the drive-in movies. While there is no group of people with whom we would rather sit out in the rain and watch a movie, perhaps we can all stay warm and dry and look forward to our next event in October.

Since Jim and I were out of town last week getting our continuing legal education credits so we can continue to practice law, and the class had a brunch rather than a lesson, I am making the executive decision NOT to publish a full newsletter this week since there were no notes on which to report. However, please remember that this week’s schedule will be unique. The regular 8:30 service has been cancelled, but there is a pancake breakfast that you can attend during that time slot. WE WILL HAVE REGULAR SUNDAY SCHOOL from 9:40 to 10:40 and Dr. Joel Panciera will be our teacher on Five Marks of a Methodist. We will be joined by the Living The Questions Class as our guests. Everyone will worship in one Unity Service at 11:00 in memory of 9/11, where all first responders will be honored.

Please remember that you are appreciated, enjoyed and admired by your class members.


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