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Hey, Maranatha friends:

It is time to attack this issue of class officers. Despite weekly pleading, cajoling and beseeching from the podium (and Jim actually threatening to sing endless verses of “Just As I Am” until someone respond to the class officer altar call – perish the thought!), we still have five positions to fill. Let’s discuss each one (or rather, I’ll discuss each one and you pick up your phone to text me that you will happily accept that position!). They are:

President(s) – Easiest job on the planet. Truly a cakewalk. You just have to (1) be in class most of the time; (2) be willing to wrangle the class from the podium; (3) handle details regarding class members as they arise during the week; and (4) update the board each week from information that various chair people give you. Not tough duty.

The only time consuming part is the newsletter and I actually have a thought about that. What if we designated a new position as Maranatha Newsletter Editor so that the President(s) just assisted in getting info to the Newsletter Editor and then the Editor could happily spend his/her time creating as short or as long a newsletter as the editor wanted. Jim Embrey and I kind of grew it into epic proportions during the past two years, but the reality is that people really just need information. It could even just be a chatty email with all the details. Aren’t there any former journalism majors out there that would take the Newsletter Editor position?

Look, I know that you have enjoyed perusing Jim’s wild socks collection each week, but it is time to let him sit down and start scoping out someone else’s socks or gorgeous heels! Sign up to be President!

Auction ChairWorks hard for about two months a year and provides a great benefit to the class and to many deserving organizations by virtue of the money raised. Don’t you want to be the person who does that just by working hard for two months?

Caranatha – Absolutely pivotal to the class, as this person/group ensures that we continue to surround our Maranatha family with loving support at the time that they most need it. Probably would be best to have multiple people doing this task since there are weeks when we have multiple Maranatha members with different needs. Could you and a couple of friends get together and serve in this way? It would be a very meaningful experience.

Reporter – To fulfill this role, you complete a form that goes to the Communications Director so Hayley knows what to publish about Maranatha’s activities each week. Nothing difficult or complex. Much of the information for the form is contained on the board so you copy it down and, voila! You are an effective reporter!

Attendance Secretary There is no better way for a new person, a shy person, or a person who struggles with names to get to know the class members than to serve as attendance secretary. You also sit at the back table during the early part of class, so you are closest to the coffee! This is not a complex job, but is one that gives you a chance to interact with everyone if you want to do so.

That’s it. Everything else is filled and we are grateful to those people who have stepped up to serve in some capacity next year. Won’t you prayerfully consider if you could be part of the Maranatha leadership team?

I’m just going to mope by my phone until you text me . . .


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