Dee Dueck is doing well

Some of you may have read in this week’s WORD that Dee Dueck was in the hospital. She is OK and will be at our sign in table tomorrow. She had an experience of fainting and was admitted to the hospital for observation. It appears to be related to high blood pressure and she is taking following Doctor’s orders, etc. to address any issues. I expect many of you and including me have experienced the random effects when our blood pressure rises and we are often not aware it is happening nor why it is happening.

Dee and I agreed that I should let you know to avoid a log jam at the sign in table tomorrow by you asking Dee about her experience. As you know, we are having high attendance and guests coming to hear Dr. Bigg’s teachings. I appreciate everyone getting to a seat this Sunday before Richard Wansley provides the prayer at 9:45 a.m.

Thanks for all you do for Maranatha and the church,


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