2018 Update

Since you will mostly be loafing the next several days and have abundant quiet time to decide how you should serve next year, following is an update of what is filled and what is needed:

President: (OPEN)

VP Missions: Wide Open! An entire new team. This is coordinating the way our class serves people in Tulsa. Pam Sherman will join the group.

Social: Pam Sherman will continue. We need like 5 or 6 more. This is a key way we stay connected with each other and it is fun!

Caranatha: Allene & Rex Donley, Sharon Earley, Debra Morgan. We would like more.

Newsletter Editor: Class members really appreciate the newsletter. There will be backup if you are not in class. Dan Blevins has done a superb job and we need a replacement.

The following are complete for now

VP Curriculum: Karen Campbell

VP Finance: Kendall Carpenter – Chair.

Gabriele Blankenship, Bruce Chucoski, Rick Evans, Dave Grim, Jim McCann

Auction: Let’s get through the 2017 auction first.

Attendance takers: Dana Solomon, Lisa & Denzil Tallent

Refreshments: Becky Morris

Reporter: Kendall Carpenter

Historian: Pam Low

Treasurer: Susie Butterworth

Web Master: Barbara Meehan

Thank you, thank you if you can help complete our roster.


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