Prayer request -Jama Moore

Hi everyone, I have a prayer request,

And more.

My friend Jama Moore, a lifelong Methodist but not affiliated with church since moving back to Tulsa 10 yrs ago, retired TPS band director and jazz musician, (Rob Reck knows her, well, he knows everyone!) last night got a brain tumor confirmation.

This was discovered when she broke her nose in a fall (along with her shoulder) a few weeks ago.

She is looking at going to MD Anderson as St Francis can’t get her scheduled for months.

Here’s the request: I am networking to see if any former patient of MD Anderson can touch base with her to give some support/assurance/info……as you can imagine she is bowled over right now. I have left messages for Amy Venable/Paul Staat. They do not need any food/etc. support now, just prayers and emotional support.

If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know! Home phone is best, 918.749.0904

Thanks so much!

Ruth W. Giessen

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