Maranatha Newsletter for March 24-30, 2019

Spring is clearly in the air, and as seen in the ever blooming of nature! And, God is with us in all this beauty! This theme was carefully crafted into a beautiful prayer by Carol Maus this Sunday morning at Maranatha, March 23, 2019. Thank you, Carol! The prayer next week will be given by Michelle Place.

Joel Panciera continued his lesson for our Lenten season. This morning, he challenged us in many ways, not the least of which was an active discussion on our view of God as a “noun” versus a “verb”. Thank you, Joel, for your well-prepared and thoughtful lesson which includes take-home challenges for us. Joel will be with us as our teacher through April 7th, and Ruth Weston will be our teacher on April 14th.

Dave Grim noted several announcements today including a reminder that will be a re-dedication of Bishop’s Hall on March 31st at 9:30am where the guest of honor will be our own Reverend Mouzon Biggs. He also listed two events for our attention: Progressive Dinner on April 6th, and Easter Brunch in our class on April 21st.

Several of our classmates will be participating on the church-wide mission trip to Port Arthur, Texas, beginning on Monday, March 24th. Please pray for their constructive work and safety as our church continues to help those who are recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Another Maranatha mission trip to Port Arthur is being scheduled for the Fall 2019, likely in early October but not yet confirmed – more later on this opportunity.

Birthdays acknowledged this morning included Suzy Morgan (27th) and Susan Morgan (29th). Happy Birthday Suzy and Susan!

Today’s tasty snacks were provided by the Shermans and Scott & Debra Morgan. Nice! Next weeks snacks will be supplied by the Luks.

Sarah Maldonado reported on Cisco’s health status, now recognized as Stage 2 of an extremely rare form of cancer. Treatment begins this week with in-patient care at St. Francis Hospital, then home for a short period, then back again to the in-patient treatment. Please pray for Cisco and Sarah as they embark on this difficult time. If you wish to contact Cisco, it is likely best to speak with Sarah to ensure that all is well enough for visitors, but we’re certain cards and other forms of well wishes will be welcomed.

Sharon and Bruce Chucoski reported that their daughter who recently gave birth is suffering from post-partum eclampsia which results in sudden and potentially dangerous spikes in her blood pressure. Prayers are requested for her, her family, and Sharon and Bruce as well.

Jim and Sherry Griffin are on their way home to Tulsa where Jim will be entering a clinical trial, experimental treatment for his cancer. Pray for Jim and Sherry.

Art Campbell announced a joy – Karen’s daughter, Alexis, gave birth to a baby boy whose name is Noah. Our prayers are with them on this great wonder of new life.

A big thank you to Richard Wansley for writing the notes this week!

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