Aug 4

Visitors today were Chris Hill, Kathryn Linsky’s sister and Clarissa Leland, the Chucoski’s daughter.

This week Bruce Chucoski brought us "Where is God urging us to go?" We did a survey of mission project that we have been doing. He will continue this discussion on 8 / 25.Birthdays this week are: Mary Staat, Glenna Arnott and Jill Thomas.
Anniversaries include Lisa and Denzil Tallent, Patty and Jim Banes and Angie Dale and Jim McCann.
The prayer this week was Roger Rowe, next week Rob Reck will have our prayer.
The snacks this week were brought by the Goodwins and the Manduano’s and next week Karen and Art Campbell have guilty and setup. Dana and Stuart Solomon have healthy and cleanup.
Upcoming events:
Operation School Bell will be 9/10. This is the event where shoes and school clothes are given to Burroughs’ students.
And Burroughs is asking for Reading partners.
Mission to Port Aurthur, TX is scheduled for 10 / 7 to 10 / 11. This trip we are partnering with Vernon AME. If you have questions or are ready to sign up, please contact Richard Wansley at rawansley.
Our next social is 8 / 16 where we are having a pot luck and a movie. There is still time to sign up.
Joys and Prayers
We are asked to pray for the victims at El Paso and Dayton.
A thank you to our class members who worked with Vacation Bible School. It was a great success. Please consider volunteering next year.
Prayers are requested for Kate Staat- Barnes who has a very painful cyst on her spine.
Susan Day is glad to be back in class after an illness.
Paul Geisen shared several joys: His oldest daughter’s marriage, his son’s new job (and moving out of the house) 2 International Students who are staying with them this school term and the adopted stray cat that had a litter of 8 kittens who are now being joined by 2 abandoned kittens. (Maybe prayers for the mother cat to be able to feed all)

Peace and blessings,
Meredith and Carol

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