Sunday’s lesson was presented by Paddy Swiney, Her topic was the early Christian Church in the United States.

Gary Linsky, Susan Day, Allene Donley, Dave Grim, Bob Russell, Kraemer Luks, and Ginny LeDoux
Thank you for the snacks the Tankersley, and Dee Dueck and Kendall Carpenter for the prayer.

This Sunday we start our new worship times.

Snacks this week: Andy and Suzanne Hood have guilty and Rob and Andrea Davis have healthy

Prayer will be Meredith Wansley

Prayer Concerns : John Sherman, Gary Smith and Bob Russell are doing well after surgery however Bob had some concerns and needs our prayers.

This week we are taking a Love Offering for Rev Sara and Larry Montgomery. The monies will be used to purchase a meal ticket for them to use as they need it.

Our speaker this week is Rev David Wiggs.

Peace, Meredith and Carol

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