Thank you, Dr. Biggs for a great lesson.Board Highlights:
Birthday: Ed Payton 10/24

Terry Jones 10/ 26
Anniversary: Terry and Bob Jones 10/24
Prayer: Jerry LeDoux
Next week: Michelle Place
Snacks: Wanda Williams, Art and Karen Campbell
NEXT week: Suzy Morgan (set up and guilty) Jim McCann and Angelyn Dale (Healthy and Cleanup)
Upcoming Events: Pizza and Bunco at Lynn Jesse’s place of business. Please sign up $6.00 per person.
Visitors: Ryan and Amy Shepherd. Jamie and Carolyn Gill and Keith and Charlotte Montgomery
Prayer request: Laura who is having her 4th attempt at a knee replacement. Bob Russel had another procedure on Monday. Susan Day had a knee replacement, The grandson of a friend who was 3 years old and died..,Family needs prayer.
Dr. Biggs is with us the rest of

the month. Next month Dr. Don Hertzler will be our speaker.

We have a new resident at Apt M, Cynthia.
Meredith and Carol

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