Greetings,Mark your calendars for 12 / 29, we are having a class brunch. Bring your best dish.
The Butterworths will be ready with the list of your auction items, bring your check book.
Birthdays: Jim Stinson (15), Susan Thomas (16) and Jeanie Payton (16)
Anniversary: Meredith and Richard Wansley
Prayer this week was Mary Bundren, next week is Suzy Morgan
Snacks this week: Chucoski and Sherri Griffin, next week Becky Morris, guilty and clean up and Nancy and Joey Manduano Healthy and setup.
Joe Morgan was are guest.
Mary Wiggs has joined our class.

Announcements: Service of the Bells, Sunday, this is an unity service. (No 9:00 am service)
Prayer request for John Sherman who is improving.

Next year’s President, Michael Dishman, presented our lesson. It was great to hear from next year’s president.
Remember , there are some offices that need to be filled.
Grace, Peace and Love,
Meredith and Carol

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