Additional Info re: Class Teleconferencing


The time was inadvertently left off the practice session being hosted on Wednesday by Pam Low. Here’s the complete information:

Wednesday, April 1, 7:00PM (Mac Users)

Host: Pam Low


Also, we’ll be publishing a complete set of Ground Rules with the information for next Sunday, but here are a few that should help the practice sessions go smoothly:

  • All members of the same household should connect on a single device. This will avoid feedback and cross talk that can make it difficult for others to hear.
  • Please turn off or mute all devices you are not using for the call.
  • Please secure all pets, noisome children (or noisome adults) before the call. If they aren’t participating in the call, they will distract from the call.
  • Each of you will be muted when you join. In the practice sessions, you should have learned how to “raise” your hand using the software. Should you raise your hand, the meeting host will call on you and unmute you. Once you have spoken, you will again be muted.

Lastly, we thought you might enjoy a preview:

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 7.31.31 PM

Michael Dishman

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