Lynn & Shari Goodwin

I received the following email from Shari Goodwin. I respectfully request that everyone in our class pray for a speedy recovery for Lynn and for united support for Shari and family. Thank you. Keep safe. God Bless you and your family. MICHAEL DISHMAN

Well, Lynn has decided to be an overachiever. All this Covid 19 stuff wasn’t enough of a challenge, so he’s been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the midst of it. Took us a couple of months to get the diagnosis and a treatment plan. Lynn was supposed to get his port yesterday (Friday), but he keeps running a fever, so they decided to eliminate possible underlying causes before driving his immunities down. He’s almost finished with that, and the doc thinks he has a very good chance of beating this. Eight new meds have been developed in the last two years just for this.

He starts chemo Monday and the first round will be stomach injections so the port can heal. Tentatively planning to get the port Monday as well. If anyone would like to see updates as they become available, our girls have set up a CaringBridge site and the link is

It’s really easy to use – just click “follow.” Thanks for your friendship and prayers! SHARI GOODWIN

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